Tuesday Dreams

Today has been spent in pretty unproductive bliss. I am still in my pyjamas, the kettle is boiling and I have been lounging about thinking and dreaming and just…being…it’s very nice.

While doing very little I did happen upon NaNoWriMo, a site online dedicated to encouraging people to write a novel…in 30 days! Yes, you read correctly…people are signing up to write an entire novel, with a coherent plot, between the 1st November to the 30th November.

They forgo the editting, drafting process and push through to actually just ‘get the words on paper’, so to speak. What a way to beat the dreaded Internal Editor that all creative types have, lurking in the shadows of their minds, waiting to drain all colour out of good ideas and squash hope! A little dramatic, but that is what it feels like when you’re faced with a blank page, canvas, silence, nothingness…

Anyway, as is always the case, I stumble upon this after the start date. I would love to take part in something like this, with a community to spur you on and an end-date to aim for. Of course I could obviously do this anytime, anywhere but I am full of excuses…maybe I’ll actually catch the start date next year and have a go at that novel I have floating round my head.

Well the kettle is well and truly boiled now and it’s not a lazy evening in without a cuppa. Gearing up for some time well wasted with ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ and ‘The Fashion Show’. Because this girl likes to dream….of couture :)



2 responses to “Tuesday Dreams

  1. Ahhh, yes. Good ol’ Nanowrimo. Don’t worry. It’s an annual event. Just set the calendar for next year’s date, and you can get in with plenty of time. In the meantime, you can brainstorm plots/characters for your novel! I have a friend from Flagstaff who wrote a novel in a month a few years ago with their help. x

    • Yup, I totally remember reading about it last year…at about November 3rd! Always a few days late. Maybe I’ll just hold me own version sometime in Spring. Spring (Northern Hemispere!) always seems like a good time to write :)

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