Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

One of my favourite shows of all time, and the only thing I would take a nap for as a child, turned 40 years old on the 10th of November. The threat of not being allowed to watch it, unless I had my afternoon nap before it started, was what got me into my bed and quiet…for a little while at least.

It was one of the first musical influences in my life as well and I always sang along! I learned lots of interesting fact that I used to annoy everyone at the dinner table with, and I really loved the multi-cultural cast it always had. While the producers were concentrating on showing a realistic view of American society, to a half-Irish, half-Persian girl in rural Ireland it portrayed something that looked more like my family than anything else on TV. I felt part of a global community, where a wee half-and-halfer fitted in perfectly!

The Rubber Ducky song is still sung in my household…the Darling Boyfriend gets treated to a rendition of it when I am feeling particularly cheerful or particularly clean :)

Thank you Sesame St for all the songs, the Count, Elmo, Bert and Ernie and for openning my little childish eyes to the wonder of Jim Henson puppets and all related projects (The Muppets Christmas Carol is my favourite version of the Dicken’s classic).


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