Santa Came Early

A sad story with a happy ending…My friend from home is currently working on moving to Australia. Thinking that she would be here by now, she book a ticket to see Tori Amos perform at QPAC in Brisbane. Unfortunately due to visa paperwork and general slowness on these matters (why must visa stuff be so painful and difficult?!) she is still in Ireland and probably won’t get here until the New Year. But, because she is a good person, she has given me her ticket for free! What generosity!

And I am so excited! I first heard of Tori Amos in college and loved her sound. I am a HUGE Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush fan, and feel that Tori Amos continues in that vein of original, eclectic female singer-songwriters. I find them all very inspiring and only wish that my songwriting efforts live up to the high standard they set.

I will of course let you know how the gig goes…



One response to “Santa Came Early

  1. You’re very welcome. I’d hate to have such a precious thing as a Tori Amos ticket go to waste. I’m really glad I didn’t buy one for Barrie! (I don’t think Kolya is quite the Tori fan you are.)

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