Wrecking My Journal

I was recently gifted a ‘Wreck This Journal’ journal by my friend and fellow yarn-store worker Nissa. She turned me on to this whole universe of people writing and then wrecking journals, all in the name of self-expression and fun! Well, I am totally up for both my friends. Wrecking journals is my new pass time when my wrists are too sore to knit anymore :)

I am a huuuuuge fan of Sabrina Ward Harrison and her style of art journalling, using found items, paints, scribbles and full-blown honesty. I really want to emulate her expressive style. I was given her ‘Questions and Answers: a journal’ to use and abuse during my last semester of college. I was having a serious melt-down at the time under all the pressure of finishing my degree, and this journal not only helped me vent and explore why I was freaking out but it also got me songwriting again, writing poetry and making plans for the big, scary ‘After College’. I loved it! I LOVED it, trusted it, took it everywhere, told it everything, and felt moved by Sabrina’s photos and art that was included.

How does she do that? How does she incorporate all those different medias, come out with something beautiful and reflective of how she feels and then still have emotional energy left to actually write all over it?

If you’re really lucky, cyber-space, I might even post up a few pages of my journal that I’m particularly proud of…in time…


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