The Joy of Nigella

Eh, I have an unhealthy love for cookbooks, specifically about baking and specifically written by Nigella Lawson. I call it my ‘Food Porn’. I can sit there all day reading recipes and drooling over photos of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and Roquemole (made with a giant hunk of blue cheese….oh baby!). It is what I pretty much did all evening last Christmas. My belly full with yummy Christmas dinner, my family napping around me in front of a film, I sat under the Christmas tree and read Nigella’s Christmas (the best present ever!) from cover to cover. When I couldn’t contain myself any longer I went to the kitchen and baked a heart-attack inducing Sponge cake from the book, to go with the Pomegranate ice cream I had made the night before (from Nigella Express, present from the Christmas before…hope it’s a trend…). It was a perfect evening!

And with Christmas coming round again, another load of celeb cookbooks have caught my eye. Unfortunately there is absolutely no chance I’m going to get any…how exactly would you carry cookbooks around the world in a rucksack?!

Some of my current Food Porn obsessions –

Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home

Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess

Rachel Allen’s Bake

Falling Cloudberries: a world of family recipes by Tessa Kiros- the most beautiful looking recipe book ever, a feast for the eyes…

Apples for Jam: a colourful cookbook by Tessa Kiros

She’s Leaving Home by Monica Trapaga

Hmmmm I think that is enough for now…


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