I love etsy! This online craft market is too addictive for words, filled with handmade or vintage treats, the most incredibly original jewellery you have ever seen…and my achilles heel – ONE OF A KIND items! That one little phrase (or the abbreviation OOAK) is enough to have me dropping serious amounts of dough, all for the thrill of being able to say, ‘I have the only blinkin’ one of this!’ Couple that with vintage upcycled charms, beads and notions, and strung, hung or hooked on lush ribbon or antiqued gold chains and I am a goner!

While browsing idly last week, contemplating buying a pair of large gold hoops (my earring collection is epic, strewn across two continents and all my mother’s fault!), I stumbled across the most incdible jewellery store called t8designs.

I am in love with oversized, multi-stranded pieces in this store. And, lucky me, my Ma agreed to fund the purchase of one just for me. Since I won’t be home for Christmas, and so no presents or turkey dinner (sad face!), but I will be getting a beautiful chunky necklace with vintage chains, car parts and open watch faces hanging from it, with their cogs and innards showing.

It’s currently winging its way towards Brisbane via international post. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Thanks Mam for a brilliant present…it’s beautiful!


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