I have been dreading December since arriving in Australia. I’ve been building up to an awkward and pretty flat time of year, compared to how I usually spend my Christmas holidays. It’s my first Christmas away from home, in the Southern Hemisphere a.k.a. hot Christmas and on the road. There really isn’t anywhere to set up a little ‘Winter Wonderland’ just for myself, as we’re hitting the road on the 21st of December and will be packing up our little flat until then.

But I had a brain-wave. My attitude has been all wrong! I am setting myself up for such a rubbish time and not even giving this adventure a chance. This isn’t me. This isn’t how I am at Christmas. So I’m making a resolution, a month early I realize, but it is the first today and every day is a new beginning!

I resolve to have a wonderful, magical, adventurous Christmas. I resolve to embrace the unknown with a smile and do what I do best at this time of year – regress to the maturity of a 5 year old and stare boggledy eyed at every twinkly light, sparkly tree and shiny present while humming carols under my breathe and giggle with glee everytime I get a cappucino with a snowflake stencilled on the froth with cocoa powder!

I plan to have a crafty Christmas…starting now! I plan to post a little Christmas cheer on my blog everyday, documenting my crafty endeavors, gifting ideas and upside-down-land Christmas discoveries. I’m feeling more cheery already!

It’s all a state of mind…


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