Two New Starts

Hmmm I don’t know how Christmassy these are buuuuuut I’ve decided to take up 2 new creative endeavors.

One is photography. I know NOTHING about it but I see so many beautiful things every day in Brisbane and wish I could record them. So I am at least going to try. Here is the view from my blanket in the park one lazy Sunday. Good book + warm sun + grassy patch = Bliss…

Second is embroidery. I have always wanted to know how to embellish stuff I knit or even bags or scarves and recently picked up a kit from work, put together by Stitch-It guru Jenny Hart. And it’s brilliant! I love it. Haven’t done loads yet and my stitches are still a little wobbly but this is my first attempt pictured here and I came up wit the design myself. I drew it lightly with pencil on the material and then stitched over it. I’m so proud of myself and keep eyeing up things in my wardrobe to get the Little Fire treatment…whatever that may be ;)


2 responses to “Two New Starts

  1. Here’s a great link to an embroidery how-to I found in the Guardian a while back. It tells how to do all the different kinds of embroidery stitches, with examples…


  2. This looks amazing! Embroidery is great…one thing I’d love to have time to do. Did you know Marie (McStay) does lots of it?

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