Here Ye, Here Ye

While trying to sleep last night, in the Queensland heat, I had an idea! I always wanted to do an advent calender style blog, with free patterns, crafty ideas and recipes everyday leading up to Christmas. But work, life, stuff got in the way and I got wrapped helping to organise the advent blogs for work. I was a bit sad when I realised that December was starting and I had missed the boat, so to speak, on my idea.

While tossing and turning last night I decided that enough was enough. I mightn’t be organised enough for 25 days of DIY give-a-ways and fun…but I was more than Crafter enough to organise 12 days worth!

And so from the 25th of December until the 5th of January, the Twelve Days of Christmas, I will be putting up a post everyday filled with knitting and crochet projects, recipes, softies and anything else that takes my fancy. I already have two of my own patterns that I am excited to finally release. I have the cutest little crochet project kindly donated by Lilycobweb (crochet fiend and etsy seller). The amazingly talented Nissa (of Softie Nation fame) agreed to contribute a lil softie/stitchy-something pattern awhile back, when I was still dreaming of the advent blog idea…hopefully she will still be up for it.

That leaves 8 days I still need to fill. I would love, love, love to include some fun posts by other knitters, crafters, secret bloggers (I’m look at you, AppleFluff and Jill) who would be game to have a go!

If you have an idea or suggestion please feel free to leave a comment below this post…or email me at parisa(underscore)june(at)hotmail(dot)com, with ’12 days of Christmas project’  in the subject line.



4 responses to “Here Ye, Here Ye

  1. Love the idea, P!
    Had a wee think and I’d be happy to do a how-to post on those coloured tissue paper advent stars you see so often in Mourne Grange and, erm, Barbara & Col’s! Not sure how to teach it through photos and not in person, but I’ll have a think. I’ll write up a how-to blog with fotees and send it to you. You can post it when you need it.

    Also, I’d like to post the same post on my blog, if that’s ok.

  2. Hi Parisa, left a comment earlier but don’t know where it went. This is a truly great idea. Gather all the projects together and you have a great book! Find a publisher and it’s the perfect craft book for Christmas 2010…..Take loads of pics as you go….Sheer genius:)

  3. Little Fire! … I found you … and I’m VERY excited about your idea. I have a little project brewing and will be very happy to donate it to your project … wot a brill idea!!! xx

    • SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!! Yes, I knew you would be good for something exciting :) Can’t wait to hear all about it! So glad you found me in the end…xx

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