Wonderous People!

I want to thank all the wonderous/wonderful/wonder-filled people who answered my call-to-craft and were as excited about the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas project’ as I am! Thank you all so so much.

So I’ve been trying to organise how I want to do this all and here is what I’ve come up with. I would like to try and get all contributions together by Monday 21st December, giving me time to sort out what days what will go out. If you are able (don’t worry if you can’t) to include photos of the finished article, or process photos, that would be fabulous (you can email me photos at parisa(underscore)june(at)hotmail(dot)com ). Feel free to get creative with it though…I think I might sketch and scan some doodles and things to go with some posts.

Your work is obviously your own and for anyone who wants to use their contributions on their own blog, you are more than welcome. I just ask that you wait until after the project is over and that during the ‘Twelve Days’ you post a little link to encourage people to have a look.

And that is about as organised as I ever get. Just ask my Mother.

Speaking of my Mother, she came up with a great idea of turning the finished project into an e-book that would be available for download. This idea is still a bit ‘pie-in-the-sky’ but I think it sounds good, if everyone involved is agreeable. Give it a ponder and let me know…

Off to cheer the DB (darling boyfriend) on at a little park football. And I need a latte…


2 responses to “Wonderous People!

  1. Your mum is full of good ideas … I like it, a little e-book sounds like fun. Anything I can do to help bring that pie down from the sky, let me know. x

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