The Sweet Madness

The days are ticking by and we are down to our last THREE days in Brisbane.
Have I packed yet?! Eh, no! Has the DB? Yes…why is he so organised?! Ridiculous!

Anyhoo, tomorrow is crazy packing and cleaning day since I’m working most of the weekend. But between the madness I will be working on the 12 days project which I am enjoying so much.

I can’t believe how wonderfully crafty and giving my friends and family are. As it stands I have fourteen projects pledged, four of which I have already received. (Don’t forget a little photo, lovely people, if you are able. It makes your project even more enticing and fun!) Can’t wait to see what else will be hitting my inbox over the weekend. We’re quite heavy on the sweet treats and baked goodies projects at the moment (not that it’s a problem in any way…man, do I looooove to bake) So if anyone has been hiding in the wings, not sure if they should contribute something, and have a great craft idea or DIY project, I say ‘GO FOR IT!!’. I can guareentee you a warm welcome and a lovely new set of friends to boot :)

I was also wondering if anyone has any graphic design experience and would like to design a banner or logo that we can use for the project? Just something simple that I can use on all the posts and people can paste onto their blogs or facebook pages to spread the good word. Any ideas on what the banner/logo would look like? Leave a comment, oh pretty please, with all your magic ideas and maybe we can incorporate them into it.

OK, my tea and mince pie (store bought and mighty disappointing…curse this little flat for having no oven! I’ve already told my cousin, who I’m staying with over Christmas, that I plan to use her oven flat out for 2 weeks…she says so long as there are cupcakes, that is not a problem) are finished and it is time for bed. Nighty night…


One response to “The Sweet Madness

  1. Maybe your wee sister would be happy to help out with the banner and logo etc? She’ll be home tomorrow, and has all the necessary software on her Mac. Maybe facebook her! I wish I could send you a pic of my just-out-of-the-oven mince pies. Thanks for the tip:) Nigella book being studied carefully…..xxxx

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