Sally’s Super Pampering Eye Mask

Sally’s Super Pampering Eye Mask

Designed by Sally B

It’s that time again…no man’s land between Christmas Day and New Years Eve, and all you want to do right now is relax! So take a bath, slap on a face mask, slip on this eye mask and feel the holiday stress and sale shopping nightmares float away. I’d like to say ‘Because you’re worth it’, but I think copyright forbids me :)


  • Fabric…something soft preferably but really you can use just about anything.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (Little Fire: this project can be handsewn too, it took me the length of the film ‘Elf’ to do it! Add extra films for more intricate embroidery…)
  • Rice
  • Essential oils – optional
  • Little Fire: you could also make this eye mask into a heat/cold pillow by filling it with buckwheat. To heat, put it in the microwave for one minute, with a cup of water (NB – always heat with a cup of water so the buckwheat doesn’t dry out and burn. If it starts to smell like burnt popcorn, stop heating and immediately replace the filling). The buckwheat absorbs the heat making it a soothing warm pillow. Wrap the pillow in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer and it becomes a cooling eye mask for when you’re tired and puffy. I filled mine with half buckwheat and half dried lavender for fragrance.


Step 1. Find fabric. Ideally, iron it (I’m lazy)
Step 2. Grab something with a circular shape and trace around it. (Hint: Buckets are classy!)
Step 3. Cut out your circular shape

Step 4. Decorate! Either embroider something or play with your sewing machine’s cool stitches.

Step 5. Overlock the edges (or zigzag the edges, does the same thing really)

Step 6. Fold your circle in half, right sides together and mark an inch gap where you won’t sew (ideally, near a fold). Sew the semi circular seam. Turn your bag so that the right side is on the outside
Step 7. Stuff! I used jasmine rice because it had a nice weight to it (I figured arborio rice might swell with too much saliva. Ew!). You will want to fill the newly created pocket about half way with rice. You want the rice to move around pretty freely. Once you have done this add lavender (or whatever oil makes you sleepy) until well saturated. Fold the remaining raw sides in on each other and sew up.

Step 8. USE! Lay gently on your face and enjoy a good snooze!

Sally B. is one of the first people Little Fire met on arriving in Brisbane and have been friends ever since. She can be found on a Tuesday night at the Brisbane Stitch n Bitch knitting up a storm and sipping on chai.


One response to “Sally’s Super Pampering Eye Mask

  1. Going to try this one with some lovely velvet fabric……..feeling more relaxed already:)

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