The Twelfth Day of Craftmas: The Day of DOING!

Well people, it’s the Twelfth Day of Craftmas and the final post. Unfortunately my huge finale piece isn’t ready yet. It shouldn’t be long coming however and I really hope that it becomes something special. It’s going to be a little present, something that everyone can download and keep. With any luck, I’m hoping it will turn into a monthly gift too. But more on that in a few short days…

On the final day of Craftmas I’d like to reflect on all the amazing patterns, recipes and projects people have so kindly shared with me and you. They gave of their time, energy and ingenuity at a hectic time of year and all for the joy of creating! Included in the Honourable Mentions are contributors, supporters and crafty beings who have inspired and supported along the way –

Honourable Mentions

  • Lilycobweb a.k.a. Rena Roohipour a.k.a. My Mam and biggest cheerleader
  • Sorcha Turnbull
  • Apple.Fluff
  • Alix Cirac
  • Miss Regenerates
  • Sally B
  • Michelle Moore
  • Danika Rameshfar
  • Jill Casavecchia
  • Barbara Wendel Sands
  • Helena Close
  • Maryam Roohipour for creating all the banners
  • Heather Curtis for her untied tie bags.
  • Bente Elshotz for her amazing almond cakes
  • Angela Moriarty for her wonderful crosstitch creations
  • Ellen Reay for being all-round cool and crafty
  • Emma Kiely for baking the gingerbread immediately and posting photos
  • Anna Hunter…..doesnt even have to try to be crafty, she’s so crafty.
  • Jan Nagle, maker of teddy bears which we really want to see some pics of.

Helena remarked to my Ma that she imagined every one of the contributors to this project coming together in a room with their creations and being introduced. What a lovely image! I hope that other people have felt the same sense of community about the Twelve Days of Craftmas as I have, and that the experience doesn’t just end with this final post.

Wonderful people have contributed projects.

I have posted them on my blog.

Now it is your turn, readers, to actually have a go at the projects, recipes and patterns published here!

The Twelfth Day of Craftmas is the day of DOING!

I challenge everyone to DO something with any of the ideas from Craftmas. Comment below with your results. If you blog, please feel free to link so we can see and read about your results. I’ve even set up a Flickr group that people can add their photos to.

The Twelve Days of Craftmas doesn’t have to stop at Day 12, it can go on as long as we want, with a little participation :)

Light a Little Fire…or make a little gingerbread…it’s all good!


One response to “The Twelfth Day of Craftmas: The Day of DOING!

  1. Can’t wait for the final final post! Did you like the tags on Maryam’s suitcase? Aer Lingus, Ryanair and Qantas;)

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