Catching Up…and New Years Resolutions

Christmas and Craftmas are over and the snow has stopped falling on my blog. Sad face!

I’ve taken the last few days to rest and recouperate after the frantic posting and I can’t wait to get back to some regularly scheduled programming.

Soooo, to catch you all up on things, I had a lovely laid-back Christmas in Sydney with my Aunty and her family. Lots of scrummy Persian food was served up and because of the rain, we basically camped out on the couch, drank tea and caught up on our films! No presents or trees or turkey or Christmas pud, but it was lovely all the same. New Years was spent down at Sydney Harbour with 1.5 million other people to watch the fireworks off the bridge. It was fabulous. We got great seat on a pier behind the bridge and camped out for a few hours with families and tourists, Kol with a beer and a latte for me. The Irish tourists were singing ‘The Fields of Athenry’ in the streets and, apart from the balmy weather, it was just like being home.

Since getting back to Brisbane we’ve been working flat out at the Brisbane Tennis Open, serving fish and chips in the hottest bloody tent ever…NEVER AGAIN! The tiredness and swollen feet are catching up with me now but seeing the stars was great however. I even got a match ball from the Henin/Clijsters final, signed by both!

The only thing that got me through the ridiculousness was knowing that from today onwards I AM FREE! The holiday begins…We leave Brissy on Thursday to head down the Gold Coast, and then off to Melbourne for some Aussie Open fun.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about my New Year Resolutions and what I hope to do with myself this year. I’m a little allergic to the word ‘plan’…heard it too often, never linked to anything I want to do…but I like having something to look towards, strive for. I’m nervous about putting these resolutions out into the world, for everyone to see, but here they are. Honest to the time they are written, I reserve the right to change my mind, grow, learn and adjust as I see fit.

  1. Finally record my album. I have the songs, and when I get back home, I’d have the time. I just have to organise it all and do it.
  2. I will build on the success and fun of Craftmas and organise other craft-a-longs
  3. Publish my knitting patterns and develop a left-of-centre knitting idea I’ve had in my head for ages…more of this to be revealed here as it happens.
  4. Do yoga at least 4 times a week, as much to make a little head space as to make me a little fitter.
  5. Create! Be more free about writing, painting, journalling…doesn’t matter how it comes out, what it looks/sounds like, just do it! JUST DO IT! This includes writing with the wonderful Miss Alix Cirac. We have a long standing arrangement to write something together, and gosh darn it, we will do it this year!
  6. Learn to drive. Well I have to learn sometime, this year is as good as any.
  7. Strive to be ever present in my life, paying attention to the adventure as it unfolds. I’m a specialist at living in my head, thinking of where I’m not, not where I am.

That is a lot to strive for in one year I think, and doesn’t even cover all the exploring and opportunities that may arise in time to come. There is room in this year for an awful lot of adventuring and it all begins now.


2 responses to “Catching Up…and New Years Resolutions

  1. Great set of New Year Resolutions! Will email you mine when I get around to making a list. Bad weather, no water today…absolute chaos…Was nice to read your blog:) xxxxxxxx

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