Here’s the Situation

After a lot of thinking and much trying, I am at a lose as to what to do about the final Craftmas give-away thingy. I feel like if I just come out with the idea and where I’m stalling, I might get a bit of help or advice on what to do about it but I don’t know…

OK, here goes. The idea this year was to create a calender page each month for my lovely readers to download and keep…print and stick on your wall, or keep on your desktop…the calender page would be hand-decorated and might include a recipe or pattern or something nice for you to enjoy all month long, until the next one came out.

So I’ve been working on my little calendar, and I kind of feel like it’s a bit lame now. I don’t have any paint or any amazing journalling/collaging skills like other amazing people on the internet. It’s just me and my coloured pencils, that are a bit rubbish, and this woeful computer that hardly has Word on it, let alone Photoshop or Paint, or some decent software like that. So I’m afraid now to show you the project, in case you all laugh, and also that your January page would be quite late to say the least. But there is the idea anyway…out there in the open. All advice, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I got the craziest idea for a knitting pattern today, while I was hanging out at Threads and More. It’s pretty wild and it’s usefulness will be debateable but it’s such fun I can’t help myself. I’ll have to think about it for awhile before I decide how I want to approach it. Also I’m trying to think what to knit for the Knitting Olympics, while the Winter Olympics are on. I’ve never watched the Winter Olympics before but they seem really into it in Australia and I’ve been learning lots about winter sports. I think watching a bit of snowboarding or ice-skating while knitting would be fun, just not sure what to do. I also finally have knitting again, after leaving it all behind in Sydney by accient. I’ve started a knit-a-long project with Threads and More, we’re making Jo Sharp’s Eyelet Cardi from Knit Issue 5 together. I’m going to make a few wee adjustments I think, but right now I’m just so glad to actually have something to knit again!

Tonight is my last night in Brisbane for quite a while. We head down the Gold Coast tomorrow, and then to Melbourne on Monday. Can’t believe the adventure is finally beginning, it’s unreal. Definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. More than anything right now I can’t wait to lie on a beach or by a pool and just read a book, truly devour a book. I’ve been lent a copy of ‘My Sister’s keeper’ and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Fabulous!


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