Rafa, Road trips and the Rest

Aaaahhhh! Still floating along on cloud nine after a wonderful day at the Aussie Open. Rafa was…super :) Actually all the matches we watched were really entertaining, the atmostphere was great and all the players seemed relaxed and having fun. Kuznetsova kept playing footy with the tennis balls between the her serves and Clijsters daughter was out watching Mammy win, giving her a thumbs-up on the big screen at the end. We missed the face-painting unfortunately but are set to take full advantage of everything when we get back for Quarter-Finals day next week. Please pray that we get to see Nadal vs. Murray…my dream match.

I thought that I would find it hard to follow all the action without commentary (I’m not a huge sports buff though the Darling Boyfriend is) but it was actually really enjoyable watching it and feeling the crowds reactions to shots. Should I ever feel the need for a dose of educated opinion however I recommend looking up inTENNIScity, a tennis magazine closely following the Aussie Open right now, set up by a friend of mine. It makes for some good reading.

Well the DB, the DBB (Darling Boyfriend’s Brother) and I are all the road again. We drove all the way from Melbourne to Camberra today and it was loooooooooong and boring. More boring than long really (6 hours driving altogether), and hot. The landscape was so dry and yellow, and the roads were super quiet, it was quite strange. And we saw some really charred areas where the fires in Victoria must have got to. That was eerie to say the least. Blackened trees, hardly standing, with vivid new green shoots popping out between dead branches.

And while this country was passing me by I was busy designing! I finally wrote the patterns down for two ideas I’ve been carrying in my head for a few weeks. They’re Valentines related but don’t necessarily have to be too mushy, unless you want them to be :) I’ll be giving away one free on the blog but the other will be sold on Ravelry and my Etsy store. I’m hoping to donate the money made from it a Haiti relief fund. More information on all this as I work it all out.


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