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I’m currently without ready access to a computer for now…until about April time…so the blog posts might be a bit further apart. Hopefully it shouldn’t be any big problem but I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. This also makes life a bit harder about publishing my patterns. I’d really wanted to sell them to rise money for Haiti. I think there is still a way, but it remains to be seen. What else has been happening…hmm…oh yes, the quarter-finals and Men’s finals days were AMAZING here in Melbourne. Had the time of my life at the final. The Quarter-finals day turned out to be more of an endurance contest as our seats were in direct sunlight all day and I felt like I was cook, literally cooking. Even with regular sunscreen applications (I was drowning in the stuff) I still managed to get a little burning and a little cranky…but really it was ridiculously hot!


One response to “Bite Size Blog

  1. Hi there , hope you are keeping out of the sun since all that tennis! Will email u properly soon. Communication is becoming very sporadic se we shoud connect soooooon! Send me those patterns and pics (those are important) and if you want, I’ll stick them up on Etsy for you. Yes, will also glitch-test them for you. We all fine. Soheila missing u. Visit my Etsy shop-stocking up now. Take care, love to Kol. xxxxxxxxxxx

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