Dear Thailand…

I have only been here one day but already I am in love with your food markets! Fresh and flavourful, made right in front of you and cheap as chips, I plan to eat every minute of every day I am here. I even got to watch the local soap opera (Eastenders but with more make-up and lots of dramatic, Dun-Dun-DUUUN close-ups) while I was waiting, seated on the side of the street and sipping a pineapple shake. I was too full for dessert after my pork, veggies and fried noodles, and some of the DBs thai green curry but I dreamt about it that night instead. I think it was a sticky rice pudding I was casually devouring, while chatting to someone, maybe the DB, probably spraying him with little dessert presents while the Phuket traffic zipped by. Yes, my thoughts are totally and completely focussed on getting the very most out of the food here. Thank you for being so accomadating. I shall keep you informed of my favourites as I find them.

Yours in Food,

Little Fire

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

To catch you up on all the comings and goings, we got back to Brisbane after our 2 weeks in beautiful NZ. It was nice to be ‘home’ again and catch up with our friends. It wasn’t nice getting eaten alive by mossies again, how quickly you forget these things until you’re back.  Hanging out at Thread and More and catching up on all the knitting gossip was great, and I’ve been invited to write for the stores blog, so I’ll still be in touch and involved. It was sad saying goodbyes all over again but it was a week more in Brisbane than we thought we’d have so we were grateful for the time. Bad weather in the north of Queensland prevented us from leaving earlier for Cairns and meant we missed seeing the Great Barrier Reef but it’s always good to leave something undone I suppose, as an excuse to return.

Gold Coast to Cairns was a breeze, but the overnight in Cairns airport was less than pleasant (there just isn’t anything there, not  a blessed thing in the International terminal! We had to sneak over to Domestics and hang out there until it shut for the evening. Thankfully the nice security man let us bring all our baggage in and didn’t confiscate my knitting needles. Then back to International boredom where I knitted and watched the cleaners potter by. Thrilling stuff!) Off to Darwin the next dayand then catching our connection to Singapore. 

We were only in Singapore for a day, long enough to appreciate some decent grub (McDonalds will never pass my lips again…bloody airport food!), the DB to catch up in his footy and for us to check out the beach. And what a clean city! Really, that’s what you notice first. Not a single scrap of litter, and for such a big, humid city, not one single bug or cockroach. We ate at an open-air market type food court and it was spotless. We got some mystery duck and noodle dish, very tasty, but with the wierdest sweet sauce at the bottom of the noodles that made my mouth tingle like cloves. The best thing was the freshly squeezed juice on the beach. DB got coconut juice (they just slice the top off a coconut and hand you a straw) while I got fresh lime juice and honey. The perfect drink while chilling at the beach and staring out at the giant freight ships and sail boats all moored about half a mile off shore, sitting diagonally to each other, and the fog (or smog) behind them making it look like they just float off the edge of the world. Strange but true.

And then to Phuket, Thailand. Bit of a shock to the system after the calm and order of Singapore, and the fact that we were wrecked after 3 days of straight travel didn’t help. Thailand definitely reminds me of India, with the crowds, street carts, stares and hassle. I love it. I can feel myself get my game face back – they only ask once if I want a taxi, massage, gems, blah, blah, but it’s all in good humour. I smile, they smile, I shake my head, they ignore me, I ignore them, they get the message. Non-verbal communication at its finest. People are really friendly and not too pushy but I hear Bangkok will be a different kettle of fish. By then I should be well warmed up and ready to administer my ‘Get Lost’ stare, perfected in New Delhi’s markets and very effective.

And so the SE Asia adventure begins. It’s hard to believe that our time in Australia is done with and we’ll only be back briefly for Naw-Ruz (21st March – the Baha’i New Year) while we are on our way to Hawaii. Aussie round-up post needed with favourite photos, favourite moments and The Top Five Ways Australia Tried to Kill Me (or Strange Things that Fell on My Head). Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Dear Thailand…

  1. Thanks for this really, really entertaining blog post!! Off to search for Thai food recipes…….Also deep gratitiude for your long update email. Thought all my Nawruses had come at once! Also tell Kol a reply is in the offing. So good of him. Have to tell you this big news!! Helena has a blog! Find her at and follow it. Great stuff! Yes, email me your pattern and password and I will upload it to your shop and mind it for you:) Be careful in Bangkok. Look after yourself (& Kol of course!) Love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Little Fire … food glorious food … how fantastic! Just wanted to let you know that I have posted on la pomme de terre and have added you as an administrator so happy days! It’s been raining, which means knitting season is upon us, shop is good, mind is good, creativeness is good. Looking forward to living my travel life vicariously through you as I battle with Monday-itis and knitters cramp through winter xx me

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