How to lose a day in 24 hrs

I have found 2 most effective ways to completely guarentee that an entire day of your life will be lost, not just through your inability to do anything worthwhile or productive with yourself, but will actually slip away into the dark recesses of your brain only to be remembered vaguely as a part or step towards something much bigger.

The first way is to fly to Australia. My memory of this is so vague that I have absolutely no recollection of boarding the connection in Singapore to Sydney, none whatsoever. For all I know the DB could just have thrown me over his shoulder and fireman-lifted me onto the plane. I have been assured however that my eyes were open and that I walked unassisted to my seat before passing out again. I understand that getting to Sydney from London (I’m not even counting the ridiculously delayed bus with wings that took us from Dublin to London) took an entire day, and we lost two days really because of the time difference but it doesn’t feel like that when I think back. My brain has erased any memory of the actual time passing and instead I have a lovely little montage of sleep, a film here or there, sleep and some plastic food that all seems to fit neatly into the time it takes to drive from Rostrevor to Belfast (about 50 mins).

The second way is still only in the theory stage but I shall be testing it out today – selfless research for the betterment of mankind! In about an hour the DB and I are catching the Phuket – Bangkok bus, which should take 12 hrs, give or take a food stop. Arriving in BKK bus station at 4am, we will trek over to the train station and board a train to the Cambodian border. Should take about 6 hrs and I hear the views are meant to be lovely. I love a good train ride anyway, always a lovely way to travel abroad. We get off the train walking distance from the Thailand – Cambodian border. The guide books have warned us that this is the most testing part of the journey. Scammers everywhere, even going as far as to set up fake border crossings with people dressed in official looking uniforms, you have to make your way on foot to the real border and get your visa stuff sorted. Once over the border you catch a bus or hail a taxi to Siem Reap…and you’re there! Phew!

Time of departure – 4pm, 5th March 

Estimated time of arrival in Siem Reap – 5pm, 6th March

I’m very excited for the train journey, a bit wary of the border crossing and hoping to God that BKK is relatively sane at 4 in the morning (I know, fat chance). Either way it’ll be an adventure and if it isn’t much of one I shall tap into my most incredible super power (I know you thought it was my way with algebra, but I can go one better) and sleep like I have never slept before. Since doing a degree that meant doing your homework at 3 in the morning – the recording studios were used for classes til 6pm-ish and then open until 6am for students to use – I have mastered the fine art of sleeping anywhere, anytime and usually in some pretty interesting positions (thank you Yoga). Either way my memory of this trip is likely to be pretty warped by the time I reach Cambodia.

In contrast, should you ever wish to gain a day, or at least not lose anytime to travel whatsoever, I suggest flying from Australia to Hawaii. We will be leaving Sydney at 6pm-ish on the evening of the 23rd March and arrive in Honalulu at 7am-ish on the same day! Sweet!


One response to “How to lose a day in 24 hrs

  1. Ok, now going into parent overdrive-blog, FB, text, phone. skype when you get to Cambodia-I want to know that you are SAFE. Just been talking to Anisa for ages on the phone-she did the border crossing thing and said it was fine, though DO be careful. Sounds so amazing! Can’t wait for the pics. Love to you both:) xxxxxxxx

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