Goodbye Australia: Take 2!

The DB pointed out earlier that this is about as close to living ‘Groundhog Day’ as anyone could get. After much to-ing and fro-ing, we finally left sunny Australia for the last time, with no dramas thank goodness, and arrived safely and soundly in Hawaii! Our flight took off at 6pm on Monday 29th March, and 9 hours later we arrived in Hawaii, local time 7am Monday 29th March. And people say that they don’t like Mondays…try two in a row!

Needless to say, we are both suffering right now as we try and battle through the jetlag and wait to sleep until it’s actually bedtime. The fuzzies have hit hard and I am trying to write this post through the static in my brain. Must keep myself busy because if I sit still for a minute I will conk out!

We attempted an outing this afternoon to Hanauma Bay. Even with the jetlag we want to make the most of our short time here and not be deadbeat travellers that just stay in our hotel and watch bad TV. So we trooped out on public transport, taking in the beautiful views, took some pictures…and then trooped right back again. Turn around time about 2 hours and I think it has killed us. The thought of trying to find dinner now just makes us both groan! Uuuuugh!

Hanauma Bay was spectaular though. The water was ten different shades of blue and so clear you could see the coral in it. We didn’t make it into the water for a closer look, as levels of tiredness would definitely have resulted in a drowning, but the view was beautiful. I am ashamed to say however that after 15 minutes I couldn’t stand up anymore and took a power nap on a nearby bench. Very classy!

Waikiki is a pretty average, concrete American city. Lots of grey buildings and diners, sitting slap bang in the middle of incredible mountains and perfect beaches. I can’t wait to see what’s past all these boring square buildings and high-rises around us. More exploring to be done tomorrow…


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