Almond I Brilliant!

…as in the Northern Irish turn of phrase ‘Amn’t (am not) I brilliant!’ Grammatically speaking it should be ‘am I not’ but the Northern Irish have evolved past needing grammar to be understood and it just doesn’t sound as good out of my little sister’s mouth. Eh, maybe it’s only funny to me. But almonds are brilliant, and I don’t think I am all that bad either.

I’m in great form. Arrived in Reno yesterday after another epic day of traveling…we’re all about getting the cheapest flights possible and if that means a million lay-overs so be it…It was fabulously cold and crisp, with the mountains around Reno dusted with snow. I had an amazing, rejuvenating, mind-meltingly, glorious sleep last night and feel like a new woman. I caught up with Miss A, my soul-sister, and drank enough tea to sink a ship. I baked cookies this morning. I baked Tarte de Santiago this evening (get the recipe here). It snowed, great big blobby flakes of wet snow! I’m looking forward to a road-trip to San Jose tomorrow, with Miss A and the DB, and will get to see my cousins while I’m there. That’s especially exciting as I’ve never met the newest addition to their family, Ava (pronounces Ah-vah, rather than the common Ay-vah…beautiful, just like her).

In case you can’t tell, I’m in great form. Have I mentioned that already? :)

The rest of our time in Hawaii was short but sweet. The DB and I saw Waikiki beach and took a bus round the island to see the North Shore. It was stunning. I would definitely recommend skipping Honolulu if you can and just staying up at North Shore. Beaches galore and walls of water that locals here call ‘waves’ and enjoy tempting death by riding on with tea trays! I saw pineapples growing on the ground (I always thought they grew on trees?!) at the Dole plantation. I saw where the incredible shot from ‘Jurassic Park’ was filmed, when they’re flying in for the first time and see the dinosaurs running below them. All in all it was lovely but we were still zonked and too aware we were facing another night of travel as we headed for Nevada. We’ll definitely be back however, sooner rather than later. It is paradise, we definitely saw enough to know that!

After all our crazy travelling, it’s lovely to finally be in a place we know and that we will be staying put in for a few weeks. I am a little travel-weary. I hadn’t realized before now, but landing here I suddenly became aware of how grateful I was to be able to unpack and feel still for awhile. Arriving here also confirmed something I’ve always thought might be true but wasn’t one hundred percent sure. I want to live here. I need to live here. This is where I should be now, in the States, pursuing what makes me happy. It has its flaws (and I’ve no idea how I will get a visa to work/stay), and I will always love my beautiful home, but right now America calls to me…I’m in great form…


2 responses to “Almond I Brilliant!

  1. This is your mother speaking……’s ‘Am I not?’ not ‘Aren’t I?’ thought that is the colloquial form. It’s ‘Grammar’, not ‘Grammer’…..(did I teach you anything??:(……..and who told you you could go and live in America without asking meeeeee????

    (Seriously, though, glad to hear you’re in good form. Give my love to Borhan, Hengameh and Ava. Bring a pressie for her. Love to Kol. Love to Miss A., and did she get my last googlewave? Hope I didnt put her off for life:)

    Email me sooooooooon xxxxxxx

  2. I spelled grammar right in the post and was just a typo in the tags. I’ll change the bleeding aren’t I, amin’t I, am I not stuff for you if it makes you feel better but you knew exactly where you were raising your children and exactly what it would do to their ability to speak English properly! The fact that I do it as well as this is a huge achievement :) I’ll pass on all your messages and email soon xx

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