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Catching up, like friends should

My dear, lovely, sweet, loyal,often-related-to-me Readers…I am back!

Sorry about the ridiculous one month hiatus but I swear, I am really back now, primed and ready to blog. Many ideas have been brewing. Many cups of tea have been mulled over. I am back for a summer of Doing and Making and hopefully you will all read about it…or at least pretend to so that when we see each other in person you can be like,

“So, yeah…you’re blog. That’s really…written. I loved that last post about…the stuff that you…made. Great!”

Ah! Nothing like an awkward conversation to make you feel like killing yourself with your shoe. But I am getting ahead of myself. First, a brief catch-up…

When last we spoke the DB and I were still in the States, about to head to New York City and then on to Boston. Unbeknown to both our families however, we were planning to come home waaaaaaaaaay earlier that we had told them (or lied to them, as was kindly pointed out to us when we got back). The DB has a thing about surprises. He lives for them. I could often live without them.

So I was sworn to secrecy which really tied my hands in terms of what I could share with you about our Swashbuckling adventure. Too much information and it would be quite obvious we were only staying in NYC and Boston for just a few days  at a time and then coming home. Too little information and, well, you would all stop reading because that just isn’t entertaining. And that really squashed my blogging mojo.

NYC and Boston were both incredible even though we were there for way too short a time to see everyone we wanted. I got to go back to Berklee, which was more than a little weird, and see a few teachers and faculty I worked with there. Finally got to see the Red Sox play in Fenway Park – FINALLY! (Great place and I will love the Red Sox forever but MAN is baseball boring live) Hung out in Central Park in the sun and had sushi in Brooklyn. Rode around Boston on the T and got to watch the news in the back of a NY taxi…really! They have little TVs in them now. Crazy!

Seeing my friends was the highlight, better than anything else and I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for making time to hang out with us and giving us beds to stay in. You are ALL always welcome to come and visit Ireland or anywhere I am in the world at any time!

And so our Swashbuckling Adventure Around the World came to an end…but not before we had one last little adventure/disaster courtesy of a lovely Icelandic volcano. Flights were re-routed (not a problem), then delayed (bit annoying), then after re-scheduling our connecting flights so we wouldn’t lose our tickets, delayed even further (getting cranky), then missed entirely (blind panic), then rescheduled again…thank you Easyjet for not making us buy a new ticket every time and just putting us on the next available flight…and then finally a sleepover on Heathrow’s two most uncomfortable seats (too tired to cry) before flying home to Ireland. It took us as long to get from Boston to Dublin as it did to get from London to Sydney at the start of this trip!

We’ve been home for nearly four weeks now. Writing here suddenly makes all the travelling seem real again. It all became a hazy dream in my mind after a few days back in our familiar little village. I have been known to fall off the face of the Earth when visiting home, it has that effect on me…something to do with re-entry to life here and trying to be present in it…and after feeling unable to blog those last few weeks of our travels I seemed to shy away from putting it all out here. I’m an awful procrastinator too which doesn’t help.

I haven’t been up to a whole lot since getting back…job-hunting (not looking good) and coming up with crafty ideas for the summer (very productive) but more on them in the next few days. Oh, I went to see Ingrid Michaelson in Dublin a few days ago and she was incredible, would highly recommend seeing her live. I’ve been cooking and knitting and still have to unpack (procrastinator, I told you!).

Yes, I am definitely back and orientating myself for a new adventure. The Adventure that is Staying Sane While Living in Your Parents Home for The Summer. Or even more exciting Finally Doing All Those Important, Life-Changing Things You Were Too Scared To Do Before!

Carlingford Lough at Sunset...Home Sweet Home