Yup, I am officially a quarter of a century old…or young…today. I still feel about 19 or so in my head and the DB says I look about 12, so that’s grand. It’s been a quiet day at home, watching a bit of Queens (tennis) on TV and sending some emails out about ‘A Midsummer Crafter’s Dream’. Having dinner out later with the family and DB. Then I’ll probably curl up on the couch with some cake to watch the start of the last ever series of Big Brother (don’t judge me!) and ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which lovely DB presented me with this morning along with some crayons, a Winnie the Pooh sticker book and a 1000-piece jigsaw of a tiger! Such love and generosity!

Before you all start thinking that I am becoming as much of a granny as my knitting and crochet addiction would suggest, please know that our birthdays (I’m today, the DB is tomorrow…the first time I ever met him I jokingly said we should definitely date because I’m terrible at remember birthdays and this way I would never forget!) were really celebrated last weekend!!

We headed over to London on Thursday and got back Sunday and packed tons in those few short days. We caught up with the DB’s siblings and their other halves. Alo and I practically cleaned out Primark in Oxford Circus on Friday, coming home to our boyfriends with tired feet and big fat lies as to how much we had spent! But, really, who can resist the cheapness?! WHO!?!?

That evening we went to see Wicked in the Apollo, which was my big treat. I was beside myself. The production was incredible. The voices were glass shatteringly perfect. I even got to pick a gift from the souvenir shop afterwards. I have never really had any want to pursue musical theatre after the few shows we did in secondary school…but I would do anything to play Elpheba, the Wicked Witch of the West. I think that might even be working it’s way onto the Life Goals list (along with performing on ‘Later with Jools Holland’, playing at Glastonbury and winning a Grammy. Again, don’t judge!…the DB says ‘It’s good that I’m ambitious’ while he rolls his eyes.)

Saturday was picnic day. We met up with DB’s sis and her new (to us, been away so long) boyfriend at Hampton Court Palace and spend a day getting lost in garden mazes and doing tours of Henry VIII’s rooms. Delightful, well behaved fun. Maybe I am getting old…

In other news, I am completely blown away by all the submission for A Midsummer Crafter’s Dream I have received so far. You are all so imaginative :) But we still have a few more slots to fill so please let me know if you have any ideas.

Right, I’m off to get ready for dinner and wrap the DB’s presents for tomorrow. Hope he likes them…


2 responses to “25

  1. Happy birthday. Sounds perfect. I have an idea for the MCD, will PM you on Ravelry.

    BTW. I remember being 25 . It did seem kinda old then, or at least on the way to it. Foolish me. Being that young is my only excuse. Now that I’m 40+ I see how young and wonderful that age can be. The best thing is to embrace wherever you are in life and enjoy it. It’s all good.

    • Looking forward to the PM, Nic :)

      And thank you for the sound advice. I definitely don’t feel old, but the number does sound much higher than I expect, if that makes sense. I nearly told someone I was 22 yesterday by mistake. My brain just doesn’t seem to have caught up with myself yet. It is all good, so I am off to embrace life and enjoy it…thanks for the helpful reminder!

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