(un)flattering photos

The sun was shining this afternoon in Rostrevor and I thought I’d finally bite the bullet and take some photos of finished projects. Procrastination is my middle name and some of these knits had been waiting a long time to see the light of day. In the case of the shrug, it’s taken me three years to get round to stitching all the bits together, let alone block it which I’ll probably do tomorrow, and I’m just glad it’s in a photograph-able state! Of course as soon as I whipped my camera out the sun decided to disappear. But no matter, at least it’s done now.

Photographed in the front garden/courtyard bit of the DB’s house (thank you for your help, you are a patient man!), here are my ‘Old Stone Wall Shawl’, ‘Orchid and Fairy Lights Beanie’ and ‘Little Miss Prim Shrug’ for you to peruse. (click the names above to see their Ravelry project page and get all the details of the patterns) My favourite photo is the side shot of the beanie and behind me you can see an old typewriter sitting on the windowsill, framed in red. Happy accident!

Off to wallowing in my sense of achievement…


5 responses to “(un)flattering photos

  1. I saw some of your photos on ravelry last night.. the ones of the shawl against the stone wall in particular made me which I had the time/leisure/reason to live in Ireland for a while. (I have citizenship via my grandmother who was born there, but only the chance to visit once in my life thus far… and that was far too long ago!)

    • I know that I am somewhat biased, but I think Ireland is beautiful and well worth a really leisurely, thorough visit where you can see the real Ireland off the tourist trail. And it is the little things, like the stone walls and the sheep traffic jams and the tasty bacon, that I miss most when I’m off travelling. How wonderful to have citizenship through your Grandmother…does that mean you have family here too that you could visit? If you do make it back to Ireland we’ll have to meet for a cup of tea :)

  2. I would love to… I don’t think I’m going to make it this trip (I head back to the other side of the pond in 5 weeks) but I hope in the near future I will be back in Ireland… I keep trying to convince the boyfriend that that job in rural Ireland wouldn’t be so bad… but he’s a city boy!!

    • We have some cities too, though not huge like American cities, if that takes his fancy. And the we’re small enough anyway that even if you live in the city you’re never far from the country. Best of both worlds maybe??

  3. For me, definitely… the only place he could really work in though is a very small town, and since he grew up in a small town I think he’s still dazzled by big cities… but give it a few years! hehe

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