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Day 1 – ‘Pilgrimage’ knitted cuffs

Hi Everyone!! Thank you for your patience as I got this first day of ‘A Midsummer Day’s Dream‘ up and running. The sun is absolutely splitting the rocks here in County Down, the perfect Midsummer’s day and I may have got a little distracted…good weather in Ireland is a rare enough occurrence! But enough of that, let’s get this show on the road…

Today’s offering is a beautiful knitted cuff , designed especially to show off those few vintage buttons you don’t know what to do with or some beads picked up on holiday. Your trinkets and treasures become the centrepiece for this quick bit of lace knitting, just the thing to use up your last little bit of silk yarn or favourite leftovers that you can’t bear to throw out. The perfect bit of stash-busting…

As Tal so eloquently put it ‘…a little piece of knitting to carry trinkets from your life so they travel on…’

Thank you Tal for creating this amazing pattern for us :)


  • Worsted or Aran weight yarn
  • Sz 7 needles (straight or circular)
  • Sz 5 double pointed needles for optional I-cord lacing
  • 1 button for optional I-cord lacing
  • 48” of ribbon, cord or leather for lacing or 6  buttons (if using lacing, 2 beads or trinkets to weight the ends)
  • A trinket for the ‘centerpiece’
Shown in:

Patagonia Nature Cotton (#205-greens)

Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton (’Shrimp’)

Lion Brand Cotton-ease (‘Azalea’)

Knit Picks Simply Cotton (‘Brass Heather’)
18 sts and 24 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch for worsted weight yarn (for aran weight expect slightly fewer sts & rows)
To fit wrists or ankles measuring: XS=5” S=6” M=7” L=8” XL=9”
Using size 7 needles, cast on the following stitches:
  • Buttoned: XS=22sts, S=26sts, M=30sts, L=34sts, XL=38sts
  • For laced-up cuff: XS= 14sts, S=18sts, M=22sts, L=26sts, XL=30sts
Work the following two rows until the cuff is 3 ½ inches tall. (If the trinket that you plan to put on the center front is especially long, you may want to knit a bit further. The green cotton cuff was knit to 4 ½ inches to make enough space for the cylinder of bark.)
  • Row 1: (rs) K2, *yo, p2tog, k2; repeat from * to the end of the row.
  • Row 2: (ws) P2, *yo, p2tog, p2; repeat from * to the end of the row.
When you have reached 3 ½ inches, or the length that best fits your centerpiece trinket’s size, bind off all stitches loosely.
Lace the cording through every other eyelet hole made by the stitch pattern or sew on the buttons.
For optional I-cord lacing:
Using size 5 double pointed needles, pick up 2 stitches from one corner of the knit cuff. Join yarn and knit 2.
*Slip the two stitches from the left to the right end of the needle they are on. Starting with the stitch farthest away from the live yarn, knit 2.
Repeat from * until the I-cord is about 20” long.
Sew your button onto the end of the I-cord using the live yarn. Cut yarn, tie off and weave in end.
Thread I-cord through every third eyelet hole made by the stitch pattern. Use the last eyelet hole as the button hole for your button.
Buttons on the brass colored cuff were sewn on in sets
of two: 2 at the far left, 2 in the middle, 2 at the far right. Be sure to line up the buttons with the eyelets that will become their buttonholes.
Sew ‘centerpiece’ to center front with either yarn or thread (whichever works best for your trinket).
And you’re all set to wear it out and about. Enjoy!
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© talithakuomi 2010 All rights reserved. Pattern for personal, non-profit use only. ‘pilgrimage’ is taken from psalm eighty-four:five.