Day 4 is on its way!

Hi all, sorry to keep you waiting so long for today’s post. We’ve been having some technical difficulties here at AMDD headquarters, as well as the leaving of our Head Music Editor, who has jumped ship to backpack around Europe with his friends (Bye Bye Little Brother! Have fun…).

I will definitely have this post up and running before today is over and pledge to not only be on time with tomorrow’s post, but do it before 4pm!

When all is done and right again in the world I will TWEET :)


3 responses to “Day 4 is on its way!

  1. So when are you start a Stitch and Bitch club here???:-)

    • Heehee, tell me when you’re are free Fil and I’ll find a place for us :) Would love to knit with you sometime soon. It’s been too long since we had a catch up!

  2. It’d be great to see you too Parisa although i’m not sure that I’m up to knitting in a public place yet!!!!! I”m around for the next few weeks and fairly flexible. x

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