Day 9 – Getting a Grilling: Interview with Susan Moloney

I need some inspiration today…a kick up the arse, to be more exact. I have things to create in my mind, projects to complete, plans to make and I just can’t seem to get into gear. So instead I thought I’d have a wee break and get some much needed inspiration from an interview with artist, and honorary Irishwoman, Susan Moloney.

Do you have a cup of tea in hand? Or are you a coffee person? That’s grand too. OK, quick. I’m giving you three minutes to go, make yourself a cup and meet back here…don’t forget the biscuits…

Right! Is everyone back? Did you remember the biscuits? Brilliant! So now we can sit back, take a load off and drool over Sus’s amazing workspace. One day I’m going to have a room like that…one day…

Getting a Grilling – Susan Moloney

Susan Moloney is an artist from Pennsylvania, USA. She paints, photographs, collects, deconstructs, reconstructs and sews. She blogs about her new creations at and has three etsy stores: susarto (plush toys, prints and ‘bookzines’), Susan Moloney (“paintings, prints, photos and other wierd stuff”)and Sanford Salvage (arty and household ‘junque’).

1* Describe a typical day in your life.

must. have. coffee. i check emails, i’ve been trying to be good about doing my wii fit, then i get to work! i often forget to eat, and i also forget to stop, so when the boys come home (my husband and my son), they give out to me because they want dinner ;)

2* You currently have three different stores on Etsy. How do these stores link together? How do you juggle the demands of three stores?

i don’t think that they really do link together. that’s why i have 3 ;) besides, i’m partial to the number 3. i will let you know if they ever get demanding ;)

3* How would you describe your artwork?

i think my artwork could be described as little fragments of my life, my surroundings, and what interests me. but the fragments of each piece have to somehow go together…like a puzzle almost.

4* Tell us about your favourite piece of artwork at the moment.

i guess i’m going to say my newest one, sanctuary. i wanted to add more painting into my work (which was almost minimal in most of what i was doing before this one), and i think i got it to work. i also like that it hangs from a chain, sort of mimicking the one included in the piece.

5* When faced with the dreaded ‘Blank Page’ how do you get started?

just put paint on it. it’s easier to start if you’ve got something already there. even if it’s just a smoosh.

6* I’m particularly taken with your plush dolls. What tips could you give someone who wanted to make their own plush ‘person’?

do you mean the weirdos? i don’t know that i have any good tips. i never knew how to sew, really, and it was just a fluke that it worked out for me at all. i think if you want to make your own, you should draw something out first, and just cut out the pieces. that’s all i did. trial and error. but try to make it your own. there are so many people out there now who copy from other plush artists (and artists in general). i think that is really sad. artists work hard to come up with designs. people shouldn’t just take them.

7* What’s the most important piece of advice you would give any young or beginning artists?

i know it’s difficult, but don’t let people discourage you from doing your thing! do what makes you happy. make it your own. make it something that comes natural to you. and if it makes you happy, it is bound to make somebody else happy too! don’t just make stuff “to sell”.

8* Where do you find inspiration?

everywhere! i think that’s how i got dubbed “weirdo” i am always spacing out looking at things and when somebody asks me what and why am i looking at that, i usually get “weirdo” as a response ;)

9* Describe your workspace.

my workspace is BRAND NEW and beautiful! and it is amazing to work in! i love it!

(LittleFire – How sweet does this workshop look?! Jealous, or what!!)

10* Who would play you in the film of your life?

jeez, well, that would be a boring film, but i dunno. sandra bullock? she’s just a normal person (at least she seems like it) not all glamorous and artificial. (she just popped into my head outta NOWHERE)

11* What is the most important lession Art or Crafting has taught you?

i guess that i had to make sacrifices. i have to do without a lot of things to do what i love. but i have a very supportive husband and son, and they make that part so much easier. it also taught me to appreciate (every day) that i’m able to do what i love to do!

12* Which living artist do you most admire and why?

i’d have to say jan svankmajer. he wouldn’t be a “traditional” famous artist, but his imagination is sensational! :D

13* How do you relax?

i don’t do that very often, but when i can, i go down to my dad’s boat…he’s had it since i was a baby. it’s like my childhood home. anywhere by the water though. i love the beach too!

14* What do you consider your greatest achievement?

i had my son one month before i graduated from art school. counselors at the school were telling me i should quit and come back after he was born (yeah, right!) but i did it. i had him in my arms at my graduation :) also, the fact that i got myself through art school on my own! (see question 7)

(Sus with bonny baby and fellow graduate on the BIG day…congrats!)

-Quick fire-

~Pretty interesting or interestingly pretty?  pretty interesting!

~Rolling Stones or Beatles? that’s a tough one. stones?

~Boxers or Y-fronts? boxers

~Abstract or Realism? a mix of both?

~Blondes or Brunnettes? (or redheads?!) brunettes!

~Clooney or Depp? depp

~Classic or Modern? also a mix of both.

~Custard or ice-cream? yes please. either.

~World Cup or World Series? i don’t like sports much but if i had to pick, world cup.

~What’s your favourite colour? aqua

~When are you happiest? when my boys are happy and everything seems to be working out :D

~Tell us a secret. well, then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? (to be honest, i can’t think of one. do i even have any???)


9 responses to “Day 9 – Getting a Grilling: Interview with Susan Moloney

  1. I loved reading this! I love Susan’s art and I love Susan! It was so interesting to get know more little pieces of your life and art work :)

    Great interview! Thanks!

  2. Great interview! Such a treat to see more of Susan’s work, which I love. The surrealism of it fascinates me and it stays in my mind for ages! Could we call her an honorary Limerickwoman as well as Irishwoman? :)

    • I actually had a cream about Sus the other night, with her dolls heads in the background as wallpaper…her art is definitely on my mind!

      And yes, definitely, honorary Limerick-woman :)

  3. Proud owner of a lil zoombie weirdo and also a Going Under print. Hope someday to be able to afford an original piece from Susarto.

    Think the studio is brilliant. Keep following your dreams! :)

  4. Brilliant interview! I think that studio is so wonderful, and it’s always great to know a bit more about a friend.

    • Thanks Qurikyn and Maura for commenting!

      I think I’ll be buying Sus’s bookzine on Ireland and Irish culture…think her take on it would be amazing!

  5. you guys have me blushing! thanks!
    and thanks for the interview parisa! it was fun :)

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