Day 12 – Heart Strings

Hello all this sunny Friday! For those who are wondering, and can count, yes indeed Day 11 has gone AWOL! A very last minute job came up for me and I jumped at the chance to be involved and unfortunately the blog suffered. It was a great day though and I have photos and will write all about it after AMDD is all over.

It make up for my naughtiness today I’m publishing my own crochet pattern called ‘Heart Strings’. It’s sweet little hearts, all crocheted together in one continuous line (so only a start and finish ends to weave in – hurray!). It’s alternative bunting or decorations so that while you might not want to wear your heart on your sleeve, you can still have them hanging close by. I love them hanging in curtains or threaded through trees with fairy lights. I have given away a few strings of them and am curently making more, so here is the pattern and I’ll be posting pictures of my finished strands through out the weekend. I hope you love them as much as I do :)

Heart Strings

by Parisa Roohipour


  • 1 ball 8 ply/DK yarn…I’m using Biggan Design First Cross Merino 8ply.
  • 3.5 mm hook (I like my hearts to be a little firm, but if this is too tight for you use a 4mm hook)
  • needle to weave in ends.
  • beads, ribbons or embroidery are really beautiful additions to these hearts

Each heart made is 7 cm wide and 7 cm tall (at longest points).


  • sl st – slip stitch (creates no height)
  • dc – double crochet
  • ch – chain

This pattern is written in AMERICAN crochet.


*Ch 3.

2 dc into bottom chaing. turn. (equals 3 dc)

Ch 3. 2 dc. 2 dc into top of turning chain. turn. (equals 5 dc)

Ch 3. 4 dc. 2 dc into top of turning chain. turn. (equals 7 dc)

Ch 3. 6 dc. 2 dc into top of turning chain. turn. (equals 9 dc)

Ch 3. 8 dc. 2 dc into top of turning chain. turn. (equals 11 dc)

Do not make a chain. Make 8 dc into the 3rd st along. Skip 12st. Sl st into next st. Skip 2 sts. Make 8 dc into the next st. Then sl st into the top of the turning chaining.

Now edge your heart by making sl st. all down the side, up the other side (when you reach the point of the heart the 1st time, sl st 3 times into the point and continue on…all other times bring your yarn across the point and just continue to sl st up the other side). Then make 2 sl st. into the back loop of each of the dc in the top of the heart, ending where you began.**

This becomes the start of your next heart. From this point repeat * to ** until you have bunting long enough. As you make the hearts they should start on the opposite side of where the last heart started. This way the hearts alternate sides they sit on and balance each other.

And voila, you have beautiful ‘heart strings’ to remind you of all the love…

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