Hello World!

How’s it going? I’m well, thanks! Had a very productive summer and am only just catching up with myself cyberly-speaking. I am well known for hibernating and being impossible to track online during the winter months but I thought I’d disappear for August instead and reappear in September, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I planned to blog closer to September 1st but lots of fun things have been getting in my way, including moving into my very own little flat, going to gigs and festivals and generally enjoying being back in Ireland for the summer.  

And now that the weather is starting to turn and winter is slowly approaching, I’d heading off to Barcelona tomorrow with the DB for 10 days! I can’t wait…though I do still have to pack and everything I own is currently lying on my livingroom floor in black bin liners. It’ll be a joy trying to hoke my summer dresses out of them!

I’ll post a few pictures up of the new pad when I finally get unpacked and the place decorated. It’s my first time living alone (though I am about 5 steps from the DB’s front door) and I’m excited to put my stamp all over it, which will obviously include tons of yarn lying in piles everywhere and rainbow-coloured bottomless pots of tea! Blissful!


2 responses to “Hello World!

  1. spain! new flat ! summer dresses….girl you’ve got a brightness ahead of you. cant wait to see pics. x

    • heehee, I sincerely hope that brightness isn’t just the Spanish sun that I have just left :) thank you for your lovely comment! photos to come super soon. hope you are well x

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