Back from Barca…

…and recovering from an amazing holiday. I have millions of photos and lots of delicious food to ‘chew over’ with you but, having only got home and to bed at 3 am last night, I’m going to give myself a day or so to get it all together and presentable.

I’m a wee bit sick actually, sad face. After a particularly hectic weekend thanks to Barcelona’s incredible, and totally free, annual festival ‘La Merce’ (music, fireworks, Castell, street parties and the most ridiculously amazing pyromusical of synchronized fireworks, water fountains, and music for the finale…awesome!) I got the worst 24 hour feel-like-my-brain-is-going-to-explode cold ever. The sore throat, aches, headache and sniffles only lasted one day but I have been left feeling really drained and with a nasty cough that doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere fast. Oh well! So I’m going to lie low this weekend, start organising my lovely little flat and maybe make an action plan for taking over the world when I feel well again.

Luckily for me however today is the official start of SOCKTOBER FEST! Hurray! A whole month of recognition for the hand-knit (or crocheted or felted) sock. And I’m have decided to join the mystery sock KAL  hosted by Through The Loops. The pattern is released in 5 parts over the month of October and noone knows what the finished product will look like. Oh, the excitement of it all!

So that’s what you will find me doing this evening while snuggled up with my hot water bottle and a massive mug of tea. Starting to get excited for my first proper winter in two years…


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