Writing on a Blustery Day…

Getting cosy in my little flat

It’s a blustery day here in South Down. I love the word ‘blustery’…ever since I read ‘Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day’ and poor Piglet getting blown away. Anyway, today is mild but super windy. Perfect walking weather…or soaring through the sky like Mary Poppins, whichever suits best. So the DB and I were out in the park collecting conkers. Yup, autumn is officially here and seeing the leaves turn for the first time in two years is making me think of cosy evenings curled up with a good book, really getting my teeth into a tasty piece of literature.

Or even better and actually get involved writing some, like I always say I want to. I’m making plans to write as part of NaNoWriMoNational Novel Writing Month – which takes place every November. 30 days to write 150,000 words (roughly 175 pages), no editting or going back. Just getting your arse in the chair and writing everyday until you’ve fulfilled the word target. Daunting to say the least but I’m excited for it and at least I’ll know loads of other people are doing the same thing with me at the same time. I find a sense of community really motivating as opposed to the Robert Frost image of writing alone every evening in the depths of a New England winter. Would mind being as good at writing poetry as Robert Frost however…

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, celebrating the best of poetry across the UK, and it’s theme this year was HOME. As a songwriter I often write things that don’t work when sung but sing in their own right when spoken or read. I love reading poetry too…studying it for A-Level English Literature really openned my eyes to all contained so elegantly in such little dense packages. Basically I just love words, messing around with words!

So here is my contribution, a poem I wrote a few years ago about home…it’s no Frost but I hope you enjoy (please be kind with the ol’ criticism)

The Mechanics of Belonging
The Coin slips home,
Through a gap.
Neighbours turn,
Nudge the news along,
Weight the options,
Then open.



3 responses to “Writing on a Blustery Day…

  1. I’ve contemplated doing NaNoWriMo several years but it never happened. Good luck with your writing effort.

    I’ve been using http://www.750words.com to work on writing more and it’s been great so far.

    Also, those lights are awesome.

  2. beautiful lamp!
    my oil supplier is in australia….val at http://www.mccottagecrafts.com.
    if you order please tell her i (angelina mcwhorter) sent you! xo

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