Socktoberfest thus far

I am addicted to sock knitting.

For those of you reading this who just a) laughed out loud at this statement,or b) rolled your eyes, this blog post is not for you.

However if you feel the same way, or even just love the feeling of a cosy pair of rainbow-coloured, soft socks on your poor worn-out feet as you lovingly lift them onto the couch beside you and tuck them gently under a cushion (even though you secretly know that you kill anyone else who did on your beautiful couch) then could you please tell me you feel this way so I know that I’m not crazy?! Thank you!

My lovely handknit socks have been completely useless to me these past two years (Australia, and in particular Queensland, are no place for cosy wool socks) but now as the temperature drops I finally have an excuse to get them out again and feel complete self-love…from my toes up!

Strong words indeed, but really, with £2 packs of socks available from Primark in every colour and pattern under the sun, you have to love yourself or whoever you are knitting for to make socks. I never thought I would love turning heels or knitting pain-staking 1×1 rib cuffs with tiny needles and fine yarn, but I do. I love it.

I cast on my Socktoberfest socks, the mystery pattern ones from Through the Loop, and finished the first part of the pattern in one sitting. Knowing I couldn’t wait a whole week for the next part of the pattern without going insane, I trawled through the bomb-sight that is my livingroom to find a ball of sock yarn…any sock yarn…and immediately cast on another pair of socks. They are knit using yarn I dyed myself during college, using food colouring. I have been hoarding this yarn for years waiting for the right time, the right pattern…and now I am knitting it up at a rate of knots dreading the moment when either the socks are finished or (horror of horrors!) the yarn runs out! Then during the week I took photos of all my hand knit socks that I could find. Now I have ideas for designing sock patterns.

Socktoberfest does not seem to be a very balancing event for me!

p.s. what a brillaint date…10/10/10…happy tenth everybody…


2 responses to “Socktoberfest thus far

  1. I am also completely addicted to sock knitting and I completely understand the urge and joy of hand knit socks.

    Have fun with these new patterns you speak of.

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