8 Reasons I Haven’t Written in 2 weeks

or What I’ve Been Up To!

  1. Knitting – In particular the socks I spoke of in my last post. However the initial  obsession has waned some and I’m now struggling to turn my heels in a timely fashion. 
  2. Procrastination is contagious – and since the heels have been hanging over me unturned, this stalling seeps into all other parts of my creative doings. My blog post unpublished, or worse unwritten, hang over me, in particular…
  3. The ‘Barcelona’ post which I have been meaning to write since getting back from my holiday more than 3 weeks ago. It’s all the photos I need to go through and then upload. The thought just makes me want to…
  4. Watch TV – In particular ‘Jamie’s 30 minute meals’ (drool!), the new season of ‘Grand Designs’ (double drool!) and I have just seen an advert for a new series of ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Home’ starting in Novmber and destined to keep me glued to my couch, cup of tea in hand. TV is dangerous!
  5. Paying the Rent – Don’t worry! I haven’t sat on my arse for the last fortnight. I’ve also been working hard painting a room for my brilliant landlady, who has allowed me to work for my rent. DIY isn’t my natural forte but it was quite a fun way to spend a few days, up a ladder, radio on and paint in my hair.
  6. My Home is My Castle – I finally got my living room sorted out, though not everything is unpacked yet, but it’s feeling more my own now, cosy and cluttered with books and yarn. I’ve even got an entire dining room table with all my crafting stuff set out and a beautiful wide windowsill that I would love to make into a reading seat with squishy cushions. The bedroom is lacking however. It’s just not mine yet.
  7. Learning New Things – I’ve been really lucky this week to get a spinning lesson from my mate Siun who is an amazing spinner and fibre-obsessive! I plyed me some yarn, I carded me some fluffy stuff and IT WAS FUN!
  8. Dreaming of Possibilities – And I have been spending lots of my time day-dreaming of what my blog could become and researching online about how to build a successful blog and create a body of material you can be proud of. Basically I have quite a lot of free time right now (part of the unemployed masses) and I wonder what I could do with my blog. Make it a place for me to write more, publish knitting patterns, plug my music (shameless!), document my travels, explore all things creative and generally wax lyrical about what I enjoy in life. Is this too much for one blog? It’s hardly focused. So I sit around and mull it over and…procrastinate.
Hank the cat…contemplating the world and what to blog next!

Time to kick the procrastination and get working on the creating part me thinks. I plan to blog every day this week to get myself back on the bandwagon and by the end of this week I hope to have more of an idea of what I want to do with this blog. Is it just a glorified diary? Is it just a way of keeping friends and family up-to-date with my comings and goings? Or could it be more? There’s the question for the week.

Right! Off to turn another heel…


2 responses to “8 Reasons I Haven’t Written in 2 weeks

  1. Oh P don’t let Hank’s disgust/disappointment throw you. (Cant you just see it in his eyes?) Whatever you do with your blog will be wonderful. We all enjoy what you write so much. It doesn’t matter if it’s about yarn or books or music or job hunting or apartment decorating or judgmental felines. Whether your little fires turn into raging wildfires is up to you…either way-I’ll enjoy them just the same! xoxo

    • Dear Miss A, you make my day :)

      I wish I could look as self-content as Hank…I think he looks completely blissed out and self-assured in that photo, it’s hilarious.

      Thanks for the support A…you’re my target audience ;)

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