Who is Hank?

After starring as the eye-candy in my last post, Hank the Cat has become a blogging superstar with his own stalker fan who demanded more Hank in up coming posts (you know who you are!). Good to know people read my blog for what I have to say and not just adorably furry photos!

So who is Hank?

Hank, or Hanky-Panky to call him by his full name, is flatmate to my best mate and sometimes blogger Miss A.

Hank the Cat vs. Julian the Mouse

He is huge! Garfield-sized and extremely fuzzy, he gets a shave every now and then which results in a mane-like halo of fur around his head. You can tell he really likes it though by the way he strutts around after his haircut.

Hank the Cat vs. Bob the Mouse

He lives in Reno, Nevada and spends most of his time pushing things off the top of Miss A’s fridge or plotting daring escape attempts through open windows.

Hank shows his love for knitting

The best part of this story is that Hank is a rescue cat. If Hank hadn’t decided to go home and look after Miss A he would have been put down and I would never have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a bed with him for two weeks.

Hank has stolen my heart and my knitted mice!

If you are in a position to take a rescue animal into your home and family I urge you to consider it. Often this pets are slightly older when adopted, like Hank, but are wonderfully loving, and grateful to have a home and a caring owner.

To learn more about why you should think about adoption read Gala Darling’s 10 Reasons Why Your Should Adopt a Rescue Animal

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