Divide & Conquer: Reviewing Resolutions

New Year’s Eve 2009, Sydney Harbour

Dear Lord, have you seen what date it is?! It’s practically NOVEMBER! So I thought it might be a good time to have a little look back in the rearview mirror and check out my resolutions from January.

With only 2 months left in the year now is the time to look at where you hoped to be by now and where you have actually got to and then adjust accordingly. There is always time…

Reviewing Resolutions

Now on first glance this does not look good. Many things have gone un-done. We  (my self, my ego and the part of me that loves ‘Clueless’…I’m a Gemini. It gets crowded in here) must remember all the amazing things we have accomplished this year like still being alive and not falling off the ladder while painting last week!

Most importantly now that we can see what hasn’t been accomplished, we can re-commit to doing it…or decided it’s no longer important (get out clauses are great and I put a nice juicy fat one in my resolutions). I like to think it’s win-win either way. So here goes…

» Finally record my album. I have the songs, and when I get back home, I’d have the time. I just have to organise it all and do it. Riiiight…hmmm…this one hasn’t been successful as of yet and is a particularly tender subjuct with many people who all want to know WHY NOT?! I would like to know that as well…

» I will build on the success and fun of Craftmas and organise other craft-a-longs This particular resolution has been a resounding success I would say. ‘A Midsummer Day’s Dream’ went well and I definitely plan to do ‘Craftmas’ again…pat on back for me!

» Publish my knitting patterns and develop a left-of-centre knitting idea I’ve had in my head for ages…more of this to be revealed here as it happens. Interesting one. Many, many knitting pattern ideas have been squirrelled away in my notebook, some even knitted up and written out but not published. I am just one step away from meeting this target. It shall be done!

» Do yoga at least 4 times a week, as much to make a little head space as to make me a little fitter. Complete and utter disaster! Personal fitness and meditation has gone the way of the dodo. I am slowly turning into a blobby mound of uncentred, unfocussed, unstretched rice pudding. Mmmmm rice pudding sounds good right now…

» Create! Be more free about writing, painting, journalling…doesn’t matter how it comes out, what it looks/sounds like, just do it! JUST DO IT! This includes writing with the wonderful Miss Alix Cirac. We have a long standing arrangement to write something together, and gosh darn it, we will do it this year! This is an interesting one. On the creative front I think I haven’t done to bad, making time to dip into inpiration pretty regularly. The specific writing goal however hasn’t happened, though with NaNoWriMo just days away from beginning I think I’ll be able to tick this one off with a bit of luck and caffeine.

» Learn to drive. Well I have to learn sometime, this year is as good as any. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh man, not even close…and I’ve recently become uncomfortably aware of a wee nagging fear that is starting to grow up around the thought of doing this and I KNEW that would happen if I left it too long!

» Strive to be ever present in my life, paying attention to the adventure as it unfolds. I’m a specialist at living in my head, thinking of where I’m not, not where I am. A partial success I would say, particularly when I was travelling. Being present at home seems a bigger challenge for me. If I’d met the yoga goal this one would have been a lot easier but generally I think I am starting to notice quicker when I go roaming in my head.

OK, so we have divided. Now to conquer! A little goal setting is in order –

• Er, work out what the crepe is going on with my album…either I want to make it or I don’t. If I don’t, fine. If I do, what is stopping me? Find the things that are stopping me and then smack them with a large hard-back book (giant encyclopedias or altas’ are perfect for this!)

• Publish a gosh darn pattern.

• Do NaNoWriMo. Writing is fun. See blog for proof :)

• OK, easy does it. Gently gently catches the bear…or something like that. Do a little yoga. Feel good about it. Contemplate doing a little more. Work from there.

• When in doubt about what to do next stand up, walk to the kitchen and do some dishes. There are always dishes.



4 responses to “Divide & Conquer: Reviewing Resolutions

  1. What a great site! I love your resolutions…and your honesty. Yoga 4 times a day. Driving?? You are too funny!

    • Hi Belinda,
      if I could do yoga four times a day I wouldn’t bother setting goals at all, I’d be in heaven ;) I was aiming for 4 times a week but even that seems beyond me! Thanks for commenting and enjoying Zomppa so much…love to eat, love Zomppa :)

  2. Dear Parisa,

    Please move to Seattle. I want to be your creative cohort. This is a wonderful blog. You are much to cute and talented to be so far away. I owe you a letter, which is why you haven’t heard a peep (I enjoy writing letters and therefor put them off) but I would absolutely love to talk to you–as soon as you record your album and finish that novel of course.

    Love always,


    • Oh dear! Now there is a threat that will put me to action…no contact from beloved friend until album and novel are finished…I’m getting to work right now!

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