Inter-Galactic Artist Kindness Day

Happy November everybody! And…

Happy Inter-Galactic Artist Kindness Day

as declared by fellow singer-songwriter and artistic soul-sister Adena, author of the highly practical and understanding creativity blog, An Art Full Life. Having recognised a certain lack lustre air to her Tuesdays,  the empty spot in her week, Adena decided to create a day dedicated to banishing the boredom and cultivating excitement.

“The other gift of Tuesdays is that I am officially declaring it Inter-Galactic Artist Kindness Day (kindness has been scientifically proven to cheer us up). You can participate in many ways, and one of them is to come to this blog, and/or subscribe to it. Because I tenderly promise you (and myself) consistent, home-cooked encouragement. Everything I know about creativity (don’t worry, it’s not too much) will be available for your consumption impossibly early, Tuesday mornings, Eastern Standard. I will be here to remind you that even now, great work and great discovery are possible. Even today, your voice is worth hearing. There is somewhere to dance. You are less alone than you may imagine. Change is possible, failure is opportunity, boredom is the true mother of invention and you never know when you will find your next great love smiling at you.”

So now every Tuesday I tune in to Adena’s gentle offerings and then go out into my day ready for whatever inspiration has in store for me.

And today has been a wonderful Tuesday, spent nearly entirely in pyjamas. I have been stitching up a rainbow fair-isle blanket that I can’t wait to snuggle under during storms. I embroidered some pretty flowers that I want to frame. I’ve eaten my own home-baked pumpkin pie and drank tea out of spotty mugs. I’ve started my novel for NaNoWriMo (p.s. if you want to be my buddie on NaNoWriMo my username is LittleFire).

My Artist is feeling very productive and loved.

What kindness have you shown your Artist today?


One response to “Inter-Galactic Artist Kindness Day

  1. Dear Parisa,

    Finding this post was a wonderful surprising gift this I-GAKD. So glad you liked and so glad you’re nourishing your creativity.

    And congratulations on that pumpkin pie!


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