Happy New Year Everybody!

Happy New Year Everyone!

The first blogging day of the New Year and I am raring to go.

Before I get stuck into a brand spanking new year of possibilities I’m taking a little bit of time to collect myself and see where exactly I want to go. Easier said than done maybe but there is no time like the present and as I’m still recovering from a Christmas/New Year’s ruining cold it seems the perfect thing to do from ‘Lighting Little Fire’ HQ, a.k.a. my bed!

Armed with a trusty latte made by the delightful DB, I am using this week on the blogosphere to work out exactly what I want my focus to be for this year, where I hope to find myself in a month/six months/year’ time and how I intend to get there. Hmm, big stuff! This latte might need another shot…

If you care to join me in a little self-awareness boosting that would be just lovely. So I’ll see you back here for an exciting adventure into the hopes and dreams of the completely clueless and overly-caffinated…Great latte love!


2 responses to “Happy New Year Everybody!

  1. Dear Parisa,

    I like to do this on my birthday and what came up this year was a slogan: “Let art support life. Let life support art”.

    Okay, on a personal note I am so so so so so happy about where life is taking you–next door to me!!!



  2. I look forward to seeing where you will go this year! Your beautiful personality is showing through your writing! keep up the great work!

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