101 Ways to Spark Inspiration – Part 1

*This article is the first in a series called ‘Stoke the Fire’ in which I explore the creative process and attempt to understand how and why we are driven to create. I would love to hear your opinions on creativity and ideas for future posts.*

~ Feel free to skip ahead to Part 2 and Part 3 of ‘101 Ways to Spark Inspiration’ :)

101 Ways to Spark Inspiration

image by Wonderlane, via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Take a nap. Sleep life off. Wander in your dreams.

2. What was your favourite childhood book? (Mine was Matilda by Roald Dahl…made me feel like I could do anything!) Beg, borrow or steal that book. Read it at bedtime.

3. Do yoga with your eyes closed. Don’t look to see what position you’re in, feel your way into it, without judgement or expectation. No one cares what you look like but you’ll care when you finally open your hips up in a way you never knew you could!

4. Go for a walk. Only turn left. See where you end up.

5. Turn off all media. All of it! No newspapers, TV, internet, books, iPods, nothing. See what you end up doing or thinking about instead. Wallow in the silence.

6. Make something tasty.

7. Invite someone over to eat it with you.

8. Solo cinema fun! You get all the popcorn and no negotiations on what you go to see.

9. Unleash your inner tween and gush unabashedly to a person who makes you squeal with admiration on the inside.

10. Buy a coffee/tea/smoothie. Install yourself in the window of the establishment. Write a 20 word mini-story about every passerby you see.

11. Don’t avoid the puddles.

12. Type ‘ECSTATICALLY JOYFUL’ into Google and see what comes up.

13. Offer to babysit your friend’s kid (double brownies points since you’re giving Mama a break too) or block out an hour of undisturbed time with your own.

14. Take them to see a kids film you’ve secretly wanted to see.

15. Make art with them. Make art like a child does; wholehearted, unashamed, techni-coloured with broad strokes! Put on a play, make a poster, create a dance. Have fun!

16. Plan a dinner party for 4 people you feel really inspired and loved by. No one cares if it’s just pizza…make an excuse to get them in your living room!

17. Play Twister with someone who’s arms you want to fall into.

18. Go to a lovely restaurant, don’t open your menu and ask the waiter to give you whatever the chef recommends! (well, if the chef doesn’t know what’s best on the menu…)

19. Type ‘SPARKLING TRUTH’ into the Flickr search bar and see what images pop up.

20. Smile and say ‘Hello’ to every single person you encounter today (don’t even know why this needs to be said but, people, if you could see your own faces this time of year…yes, it’s cold but we’re all cold together!)

by christinejwarner, via Flickr Creative Commons

21. Say ‘YES’ to all opportunities presented to you for a day. All of them. No backing out. And don’t worry, it’s only for one day.

22. Document all things ‘luminous’ for an entire day (people, street lamps, stars, ideas, laughter, songs, adverts, colours,…).

23. Adjust your environment. Move your furniture round (also counts as physical activity…two birds, one stone and all that!).

24. Find a YouTube tutorial of something you’d like to learn how to do – knit, surf, roll sushi, speak Irish…anything!

25. Build a Lego world.

by jonathanb1989, via Flickr Creative Commons

…26 – 50 coming tomorrow…stay tuned :)


5 responses to “101 Ways to Spark Inspiration – Part 1

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  2. Lovely! I totally dig this Parisa! I can’t wait to see the next installments!

  3. wooowwww what a truely amazing and inspirational list, great way to brighten up any day of the week by trying these out. looking forward to the next installment! fantatstic work little fire!(:

  4. The most important one there for me is to turn off all forms of communication – phones, internet, Tv, radio – we’ve forgotten how to just be alone and in silence – even out walking now people have themselves plugged in so that they can’t hear real life around them – birds singing, wind in the trees etc – all this noise and urge to communicate e very minute detail is becoming a malaise of modern life.

    • absolutely Helena – i read in a novel (‘On Beauty’ I think by Zadie Smith) a description of young people walking around with buds in their ears like oxygen was being supplied by them…I thought that was clever! Nothing like the sound of the real world to ground you in the moment & ground your Art in reality :) thanks for reading!!

      aylok – would love to here which ones worked for you. thanks for the comment!

      Erin – I dig you too :)

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