101 Ways to Spark Inspiration – Part 2

*This article is part of a series called ‘Stoke the Fire’, which explores the creative process and attempts to understand how and why we are driven to create. I would love to hear your opinions on creativity and ideas for future posts.*

~ You can read part one of this article here…‘101 Ways to Spark Inspiration – Part 1’ or skip ahead and read Part 3 here :)

101 Ways to Spark Inspiration

by Shandi-Lee, via Flickr Creative Commons

26. Make a fort or princess canopy for your bed. Strewn with fairy lights. Only let people in who know the secret password :)

27. Plant a herb garden on your windowsill. Pretty, practical, childs-play to do and hard to kill.

28. Stare into a fish tank. Watch the wee fishies swim. Let your mind swim too.

29. Take a really long bath. Definitely go prune-y.

30. Get the newspaper in your local cafe. Get a pen/pencil/crayon. Draw mustaches, glasses and pirate patches on all the photos. It’ll make the news so much more fun!

31. Buy some dry-erase markers. Write jokes, doodle or play noughts & crosses with your flatmate/partner/imaginary friend on your mirrors.

32. Organise all your books into two categorise – ‘books you have because you think you should’ and ‘books you actually think are brilliant’. Donate the first group to charity.

33. Find three items you never use and gift them to someone who would really appreciate them.

34. Plant inspiring notes, anonymously written postcards or random pieces of art on park benches and then watch nearby to see people’s reactions when they find them.

35. Oh My God!! Didn’t you know?! It’s your Un-Birthday! HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY! Buy a cake. Throw a party. Celebrate this moment in your life.

by Pink Sherbet Photography, via Flickr Creative Commons

36. Don’t go to bed alone. Find you teddy bear/best friend/boyfriend and hold them close.

37. Have a naked day (or hour, depending on circumstances).

38. Pimp your bed out. I don’t care what my car looks like but I want the softest, warmest, cuddliest, most-inviting bed ever! (and if that doesn’t spark some inspiration in your life one direction or another, I don’t know what will!)

39. Light a fire (or candle). Stare into the flame. It’s mesmerizing and utterly primal. Let your mind wander.

40. What was your favourite dinner growing up? Phone your Ma/sister/best friend, get the recipe, pledge to make it tonight.

41. Invest in decent home-wear. Yup, we all look gorgeous for a night out, but what about at home? I’m talking flannel pyjamas, something with hearts or monkeys all over it and a Superman cape attached. Decent private-time attire!

42. Go for a rummage in your local charity shop. Find something you love for no reason. The more kitsch, border-line ugly and useless it is the better. Buy it!

43. Is there something you have been putting off doing? Laundry? Dishes? Bills? Emails? DO IT…NOW! Go, before you can think about it…don’t worry, we’ll wait for you…now, doesn’t that feel better. OK, let’s carry on…

44. Pack a picnic. Find a spot. Spread out and luxuriate.

45. Pick a new religion, philosophy, perspective for a day. Study up. Really try to see things from this new, maybe even challenging, point of view. Allow your perspective to be shifted.

46. Re-imagine yourself through the eyes of someone you really respect.

47. Pick a word that makes you smile. Type it into iTunes. Use the resulting playlist as your soundtrack for the day.

48. Stay up ridiculously late. Rent that series  that you’ve always wanted to see from start to finish (The Sopranoes…why have I never seen the first episode, ever?!) or all those episodes you’ve TiVo’d. Watch them.

49. Get up ridiculously early and go for a walk. Enjoy the feeling that you’re in your own private world for one! (Feel free to go back to bed after your walk)

50. Get up, get dressed and go outside. The World is there to be witnessed by your senses, processed by your filters, absorbed by your soul, and re-imagined by you creativity. Unfailing, abundant inspiration!

by Pink Sherbet Photography, via Flickr Creative Commons

… 51 – 101 tomorrow…woohoo!!

Are you enjoy this so far? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts…comment away, you beautiful creatives!!


2 responses to “101 Ways to Spark Inspiration – Part 2

  1. Totally enjoying this. I am going to do the mustaches and eye-patches on the people in the newspaper bit, that just sounds like fun for the whole family! Your ideas are great, and your writing is very heartfelt and funny! Keep up the great work!

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