Crafty Like a Fox: Hug Bots, Hearts and Herringbone!

Crafty Like a Fox

Hug Bots, Hearts and Herringbone!

by Rob Lee, via Flickr Creative Commons

Hey! How’s it going out there in the blogosphere? All well I hope. I was busy writing up my epic labour of love 101 Ways to Spark Inspiration. I really hope you enjoyed it and got something useful out of it. It’ll always be there so feel free to refer back anytime you need to!

As for my very first ‘Crafty Like a Fox’ Friday here’s what I’ve been eyeing up in the crafty world this week, including a free pattern or two. Yup, yup!

First up is The Sweatshop of Love‘s most cute and practical ‘We’re Just That Awesome Cup Cosy’…yup, that is what it’s called. It must be said that this little pattern really does make your regular coffee/tea to go all the more eco-friendly, cosy and fashionable. Just be careful not to toss it with your cup when you’re done, eck! I knit mine last night, just have to sew the buttons on and it’ll be ready for its photoshoot…

And speaking of freakin’ lovely knits, The Twist Collective has just released what I would consider to be the perfect sweater…cables, top-down knit with minimal seaming, hidden pockets and thumb-holes in the cuffs! You can find ‘Halliard’ by Kate Gilbert here…

I’ve been enjoying an embroidery revival in my life since Christmas and was trawling Sublime Stitching‘s blog today to see what patterns I might like to try next. I had completely forgotten about this little gem ‘HUG BOT’ and being a free download just makes it even sweeter. I saw a photo recently of a PILLOW BOT too, HUG BOT having been blown up and embroidered onto a pillow of the same shape. Photos of my BOT to come soon…

And a sweet little tutorial on how to make painted canvas tags for your Valentine gifts…well photographed and easy to make. Definitely check out the rest of this blog too for some beautiful and affordable pieces of art for gifts this V-day!

Have you seen Purl Bee’s ‘Big Herringbone Cowl’? It’s top of the Ravelry pattern list and for good reason. It’s gorgeous!! I made mine a couple weeks ago after stumbling on the pattern and love it so much I’m currently making a pair of wristwarmers to match, the pattern for which I will be putting up on the blog next week. I used slightly chunkier yarn and slightly smaller needles to make it extra cosy and dense and will be posting my project notes over on my Rav page tomorrow…

I was also thinking of some Valentine gifts to craft for friends and the DB, and remembered the highly appropriate, though slighty unusual ‘Heart’ pattern from Knitty.

Yup, it’s a (nearly) anatomically correct knitted heart and I love it. Have a funny feeling a certain sometime will be receiving it on Monday as their gift (hope he doesn’t read this in the mean time!)

I’ll probably whip up a few strands of ‘Heart Strings’a crochet pattern for heart bunting I posted a while back. I’ve seen people make it using lace-weight yarn and wear it as necklaces or use it to tie up gift, which looks really sweet. It’s really quick and easy!

I’ll post up a few photos on Monday of my Big Herringbone cowl, cup cosy, Heart Strings and my gift for DB…Have a great weekend!!

~ What crafty goodness have you been up to this week?

~ Found any patterns, projects, tutorials or blog-posts you’d like to share?…Specially on crochet…Let us know in the comments section! Looking for a great crochet project to get stuck into this week…


5 responses to “Crafty Like a Fox: Hug Bots, Hearts and Herringbone!

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  2. Oh love it! I can’t wait to see your FO!

  3. That’s a great round-up of some fabulous projects! How cute is the Hug-Bot? That would be a great beginning project for me, as well as the knit cup cozy! The knit heart is adorable too! Can’t wait to see the next Crafty-Like a Fox round-up!

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