With Love

by Shandi-Lee, via Flickr Creative Commons

Dear Friends,

How was your V-day? Get treated to anything nice? Did you treat someone nice? Or did you treat *yourself* nice?! I hope you had a love-ly day…nothing more, nothing less. That’s really all it’s for.

This is utterly stolen from the beautiful and most consciously alive Adena from An Art Full Life (oh, what a blog!). This was her response to the whole Love Day shenanigans…

“Be your own master!
Be your own Jesus!
Be your own flying saucer!
Rescue yourself!
Be your own Valentine!
Free your Heart!”

~Tom Robbins. From Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful partner who cares and who made a scrummy dinner for two last night and then sat through the worst of sappy films, all in the name of ‘Love’…but I must say, this quote really works for me!

When in doubt always remember that your love is the only one that can make you feel whole…noone else has a right to even attempt to fill that space inside you reserved especially for yourself!

In the Bahá’í Writings it says –

‘Love Me, that I may love thee. If thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee.’

This prayer is written about God’s love and the reciprocation of Divine Love but it always served as a reminder to me that…

1. Unless I love myself completely, I will never let anyone else love me completely, whether I realise or not…

2. By loving someone else completely (all parts of them, the good & the bad) I am opening myself up to their love all the more…

None of the ideas I’ve written here are new. All have been blogged about to the Nth degree over the past few days but what I wanted to share with you was the ways in which I remind myself that I am my own best friend…it’s all so easy to say but really finding ways to make that realisation sink in, well…when you find them just make sure you…

Write them BIG, Hang them High & Say them Often!

**As promised in Friday’s post, I finally got around to some crafty photography and you can see my handiwork and project notes over at my Ravelry project page (for those not on Rav, you can see the photos in my sidebar via Flickr). It’s nice to finally get to see the fruits of my labour. Hope you enjoy them!**


3 responses to “With Love

  1. Hey P, so what did you make poor Mr. K sit through? ;)

    • Eh, ‘Valentine’s Day’ which I thought might be a bit of a laugh…and Jessica Alba is in it, who he fancies :) Utter twaddle. Wouldn’t make my worst enemy sit through it! Hope you had a nice day…do anything fun? x

  2. Dear Parisa,

    Thank you! I feel very loved :) I enjoyed the Baha’i quote also–hadn’t heard it before but it makes perfect sense in both contexts.

    The movie sounds awful–was it awful enough to be fun?



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