Crafty Like a Fox: Owls & Such

Crafty Like a Fox

Owls & Such

What up crafty people? I’ve been having a busy week. Was struck by inspiration lightening and am now furiously writing knitting patterns and trying to churn out samples at the same time. Phew! Super fun but you realise that just because you can imagine yourself knitting at the speed of light doesn’t mean you can!

It means I haven’t kept my promise of publishing the Big Herringbone Wristwarmers to match PurlBee’s Big Herringbone Cowl. My apologies for keeping you waiting and I will let you know as soon as they are up and ready to knit.

So what have I been perusing this week online? I shall tell you! OWLS! I love them, I collect them (if you want to send me any that would be really cool) and I found this brilliant Owl Collection round-up by The Craft Revival, all from her own personal collection. Oh, the owl ring, sigh!

Owl bunting courtesy of an Owl Swap…anyone want to swap Owly stuff with me?

I was also directed to a most awesome free knitting pattern by lovely tweep ‘Sweat Shop of Love’ I’m knitting furiously so I can clear my knitting ‘schedule’ and make these lacy legwarmers, designed by Pam Allen.

Specially loving this pair knit by Falling Stitches…you can read her blog post on them right here…

Also on Falling Stitches blog is a great regular round-up of what’s hot on Ravelry, definitely worth a look if you can’t think of what to knit/crochet next! (And she’s from Montreal which makes her automatically cool! I know, I have cousins from there…)

Lastly you must. must. MUST take a look at Knit the City‘s Valentine’s Day inspired Yarnstorm in the centre of London. How they got those hearts all the way up that statue I will never know…

How did they get that high up?!

Check out the blog to see the knits close up…including the cutest naked Cherubs and a knitted PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE holding hands and generally looking loved up :)

~ Making anything fun?? I’d love to hear about it! Comments make my world go round…

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 responses to “Crafty Like a Fox: Owls & Such

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  2. Love the legwarmers! So flippin’ adorable under those boots! The idea of “knit the city” is so lovely… what place doesn’t need to be a little bit more cuddly and cozy? I love what they did to the fountain! The new Flickr stream is amazing, girl!

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