Crafty Like a Fox: Needle & Thread

Crafty Like a Fox

Needle & Thread

‘crafty like a fox’ PDF pattern by penelopewaitsshop, Etsy

Hello, hello! How goes your Friday? Mine is buuuuusy. Fear not though as I shall be accompanied by my trusty projects of thready goodness. My apologies for not posting a ‘Crafty Like a Fox’ last Friday but I’m working on making this on super juicy. Ok, here goes…

So, I’ve become a little bit preoccupied/interested in/OBSESSED BY cross stitch. Yup, the very same. Haven’t done it since I was a child but found 2 beautiful wee kits that I just couldn’t live without (eck!) and had to have. My current x-stitching haunts are…

GrannyKnits…amazingly colourful and modern tapestry cross stitch cushion covers. A little out of my price range at the mo’ but so beautiful!



ChezSucreChez…sweet little patterns, perfect for beginners and they come in kits too! I did this particular deer one at Christmas and loved it. Also look out for the ‘Owl Love You Always’ pattern that got me doing x-stitch again!


slipcoveryourlife…this is the current project I’m working on. Not sure what to do with it once it’s done but I just couldn’t pass up these little cuties! Check out the x-stitch mustaches too…handsome :)


BellaStitchery…full of incredible designs based on vintage posters, photos, retro images, silhouettes and more. This typewriter is what I’m hankering after at the mo’…looks like a challenge but would love to hang it over my work desk.



I also found this incredible embroidered image that makes me want to give the aul’ needle and thread another go. I would need a lot of practice though to produce anything remotely like this. I love the detail of the swirling rug. I wish I had a giant red reading chair to curl up in!

‘With One Enourmous Chair, Oh Wouldn’t it Be’ by ThisTinyExistence

Lastly while mooching around on Twitter this week, I followed a link to these bad boys! SECOND-HAND EMBROIDERY FRANKENSTEIN SHOES!!

‘Not Bad for Two Bucks’ by Aunt Peaches

Made entirely from pieces of embroidery found in charity shops and thrift stores, Aunt Peaches handmade this shoes for only TWO BUCKS! Read her blog post about them to learn exactly how she went about it.

Before you all head off for a great weekend adventure, I have a question that I need your help with…

~ What exactly do you do with cross stitch projects once they’re finished, apart from the obvious ‘frame & hang them’?

Would really love to find a way to make this beautiful little items into something useful or something. They are so much fun to make but I’m a sucker for dual purpose, beautiful AND useful items, as I talked about in ‘What Inspires You?’ If you have any ideas at all I would love to hear them!


2 responses to “Crafty Like a Fox: Needle & Thread

  1. Zippered pouches, tote bags, purses, laptop sleeves, and journal covers are just a few of the uses that come to mind for counted cross stitch pieces. My grandmother (age 94) still cross stitches up a storm and produces the most amazing pieces! Look forward to seeing how you use your projects!

    • Thanks for the tips Martha! I’m probably just being really unimaginative but you see so little cross stitch used in contemporary ways these day (in the mainstream clothes & craft markets…not the amazing indie peeps). I will definitely try some of your ideas though :) Would love to see what you grandmother makes, she sounds BRILLIANT!

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