Crafty Like a Fox: Food for Thought

Crafty Like a Fox

Food for Thought

Howdy All! Still fasting away over here, just reached the mid-way point, only 9 days left to go…but I am sure you can guess what has been occupying my mind a lot of the time! Yeah…I love food. I love eating. So not eating while the sun is up means that I spend a generous portion of my day planning, imagining, shopping for and then usually not making food and instead heading up to my folks house for a proper slap up meal!

The foodie thinking has seeped into my crafty life and I collected up a few of my favourite food-related patterns and projects…ridiculously useless, cute and colourful crafting…hope you enjoy…

Obviously breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t pass up this incredible pattern for an entire felt Pancake Breakfast, coffee included! It wasn’t until I lived in the States that I got eating pancakes and bacon together but I am dedicated lover now. Yum!

buggabugs ‘Pancake Breakfast’ pattern set on Etsy

Fruit and veggies are a must as part of any well-balanced diet and avocado is my current love, all thanks to the giant, creamy ones you were able to get all the time in Australia. You know avocado is a fruit, right?! I am in love with this Twinkie Chan Avocado scarf and would happily wear it everyday of the week. And you can never go wrong with peas. Especially if they are knitted!

Twinkie Chan’s crocheted ‘Avocado scarf’

Hansi Singh’s ‘Peas in a Pod’ from Amigurumi Knits

Finally dessert, served up by Lee Meredith’s yummy ‘Double Scoops’ earwarmers…you can even get them with sprinkles on top! Too cute and finally a food related project that is actually functional as well. Jackpot!

Lee Meredith’s ‘Double Scoops’ pattern on Ravelry

And remember when in doubt KEEP CALM AND BAKE ON! That’s what I plan to do anyway…off to make some gooey brownies. Oh and can anyone recommend a good Blondies recipe? Would be super grateful!

Have a great weekend!

electromagnet’s ‘Keep Calm and Bake On’ magnet on Etsy


5 responses to “Crafty Like a Fox: Food for Thought

  1. These are incredible!!! I’m in total awe and want all those gorgeous knits and toys. Food on your mind, eh? You’re almost there!

  2. The breakfast set is adorable! I have a hard time here in NZ where they think it’s sick to have streaky bacon and maple syrup touching, though I always point out that honey glazed ham is familiar and acceptable and not much different!

    • I have to be honest and say I thought it was sick too until I lived in the States and experienced it for myself. Now, sometimes, er…I dream about it. Don’t judge me ;) I think the difference between American and other kinds of bacon is part of the misunderstandng though. Like I wouldn’t ever want to do it with Irish bacon…it’s too meaty and salty…unlike the thin, cripsy stuff you get served with your pumpkin pancakes in my dreams…drool…

  3. I want to wear avocados around my neck! Currently they only wrap around my soul <3

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