Spring Forward

Hello there Friend,

I hope you’ve been flourishing in all the energy of the changing seasons these past few weeks! Ireland is like a new country with splashes of watery sunshine and lime green shoots poking up between the soil.

It’s been a wee while since I’ve posted here, though I have thought about it often. I’m curious to get to the bottom of this and other strange happenings here at ‘Lighting Little Fires’ HQ. Something is afoot…I smell a change in the air…

OK, let’s look at the facts…

1. The Bahá’í Fast ended on the evening of the 20th of March and we ushered in our New Year, called Naw-Ruz (which means New Day). It’s also the Spring Equinox, a wonderful meeting of nature and celebration. This festival is celebrated not just by the Bahá’í community but by Persians the world over and I love feeling connected to my heritage in this way. I enjoyed being home for Naw-Ruz this year, always a treat, and felt good about what I had accomplished during the Fast. Something has definitely shifted while doing it, though I’m yet to put my finger on it. I really wanted to do a ‘Conclusion’ post about Fasting but I think I’m going to need a little longer to see where this shift goes…hindsight is twenty-twenty after all…

2. The physical/spiritual Fast I was taking part in ended and I promptly, and quite unconsciously, started a media fast. I didn’t mean to. I had lots I wanted to blog about, emails I wanted to write, people I wanted to connect with buuuut my brain and heart just weren’t into them and even when I attempted cross something off the to-do list I’d just end up surfing around and wasting time. So I stopped and just didn’t…and waited until I felt like doing it again.

3. I stopped sleeping regularly (which is different from not sleeping…that is a baaaaad sign, very bad…but this is more a shifting of my body clock) – always a gauge of something, though what that something is can be harder to find out. However, I have worked my way through 5 Seasons of The Sopranos, (important cultural/artistic research, right?!) and…

4. …I have started doing Morning Pages. (I was introduced to Morning Pages by Julia Cameron in her book ‘The Artist’s Way‘ but they can also be called Brain Drains/Dumps or journalling, though it is a more absent-minded, uncensored journaling than art journalling. Cameron has a great explanation of what they are and why she does them that you can download on her site) This is another sponataneous, ‘I didn’t know what I was doing until a week had passed’ type change. I organically moved into this new habit without meaning to, without conscious decision and now I write not just in the morning but at night too and I look forward to it. I’ve been trying to crack Morning Pages for year, how to get a rhythm going that they could become part of my everyday routine and it has never, ever worked…until now.

And all this writing has turned up many interesting ideas for posts to come so fear not, while I have not been here exactly I have been working hard. Tune in on Monday for the first of many more posts.

5. At the beginning of the week I finally received something I had been hoping and expecting to arrive for ages, something that I didn’t really want to announce here properly until I had it in my hand (God Forbid I say something and then I get rejected or I find out I filled out the forms wrong or…) I got my work visa for Canada!

I am officially moving to Vancouver on the 13th of May 2011 and starting a brand new adventure there. Since the visa arrived the DB and I have booked flights and insurance and started actually, finally making concrete plans. Real, live, based-in-reality, put-it-in-your-diary PLANS!

So that’s what has been going on here. Lots of potential. Lots of change. Shifting planes and homes and perspectives and routines. I hope you won’t find the analogy distasteful but it seems to be like when the Earth’s plates move, grinding against each other, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, and when it all settles again the landscape is altered  and the map is forever changed.


4 responses to “Spring Forward

  1. How exciting! I must say, I noticed and missed you during your media fast, but I totally understand your reasoning! Best of luck with your new adventure!

  2. Yeah 13th May!! AWESOME!!
    Weather should be nice by then can’t wait to see you guys yippeeee dipppeeeee doooodddeeee – you will LOVEEEEEEEEEE Vancouver :)
    Oh and let us know what time you fly into the airport, David and i will collect you and also have you somewhere to stay? You can take my room for a few night and I can stay with David – this is all for now – YEAH so excited :)

  3. Um–YOU’RE COMING! I can’t friggen wait!!!

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