More on Igniting Your Creativity!

More on Igniting Your Creativity

I’ve scoured the inter-web (thank you kindly Google!) for more info and inspiration on getting your CREATIVE on! Here are my favourite interviews, podcasts, blogs, articles and suggestions from other readers who commented or tweeted about this week’s article ’25 Ways to Ignite Creativity’.

Thanks so much for all your input and please feel free to keep commenting your ideas or thoughts!

» Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ and ‘Committed’, talks to about her creative process

» An interview with Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Artist’s Way’ and creative mentor, on the tools she uses to kickstart creativity and the interchangable natures of spirituality and creativity

» An article by Scoutie Girl called ‘The Art Makeover: Starting with an Unblank Canvas’ exploring recycling your work and starting with something other than a white canvas!

» Gideon posted this great comment on ’25 Ways to Ignite Creativity’. I particularly like the Bob Dylan quote…

There’s a few tricks which work for me. One I worked out very recently, which was that you have to make sure that it’s something that fires you up.

For me, first of all the thing is to try and make it fun.

Say I want to write a song, then I have to ask myself what the coolest, funkiest type of song I’d like to hear is. That gets me thinking about what kind of wild stuff I’d really like to do instead of something boring.

Use good bait, as Bob Dylan says. Put yourself into situations that demand a response.

» Gideon also recommended this article from Steve Pavlina on Passion vs. Self-Discipline…

» @druchunas tweeted this article, Fruitflesh:  Seeds of inspiration for women who write, by Gayle Brandeis Thank you so much @druchunas for your kind tweet :)

Reading List:

~ ‘The Right to Write’ Julia Cameron … ‘We should write because it is human nature to write.’

~ ‘The Artist’s Way’ Julia Cameron … yes, I know that is twice in one list but she is veeeery good. This book in particular is for any artist or any discipline with any kind of block. Even if you are creating often it’s perfect for an internal spring clean!

~ ‘Living the Creative Life’ by Rice Freeman-Zachery …ideas and inspirations from working artists on living the creative life, touching on inspiration, overcoming blocks, work spaces, journalling and moving things from ideas to work.

~ ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes …one for the women reading this maybe, I found it hugely inspiring and provocative even though not specifically about creativity (though there is one chapter dedicated to it that you can skip to, it is a long book) but I felt energized and inspired after reading it!

~ TWO fellow college-mates of mine mentioned this book to me within a day of each other, syncronicity or what?! Check out ‘The War of Art’ by Steve Pressfield, as recommended by working artists Nick D’Agostino and Lucinda Roberts


~ ‘The September Issue’ …Documentary film about the legendary Anna Wintour and the American Vogue office during the making of their largest, most successful issue ever. Look at the dedication to excellence, attention to detail and the beautiful photography particularly from Wintours right-hand stylist

~ ‘The Planet Earth’ series by BBC. Awe-inspiring footage of our Earth at it’s most creative and at the end meet the highly creative teams behind each episode and the lengths they went to capture pure earthly magic.

~ Rainn Wilson (best known for playing Dwight in the U.S. version of The Office) talking to Oprah about his site Soul Pancake, a place for people to talk about life’s big questions and explore their own spirituality and creativity through art, music, photography, social networking, thoughtful discussion and more. Brilliant interview…Art is Prayer!!

~ ‘Frida’ the film, starring Salma Hayek and Alfred Molina …she made Art, even with all the tests and hardships in her. She had every excuse to give up and instead she turned them into every excuse to make Art!

~ Documentaries about artists that you admire …I started collecting ones about musicians I admire on my parents sky+/tivo box. I love them – Elvis, Joni Mitchell, Thin Lizzy, Billie Holiday…or even better, watch them play LIVE!! See how they come alive when they create!

Journal It UP:

~ ‘The Truth and The Questions’ by Sabrina Ward Harrison …a really beautiful art journal filled full of glorious colour, question and journalling prompts. The journal saved my sanity during my final semester in college. I owe it a lot!

~ ‘Living Juicy – Daily Morsels for your Creative Soul’ by SARK …little stories, meditations, questions and tasks to get your mind moving every morning.

» And lastly, GOOD MUSIC! Here’s something stellar me and my friends were giggling over this week…man, Kate Bush rocks my universe!!

OK, this is by no means an exhaustive list…in fact, this is just what I could think of off the top of my head which means I have watched these videos, read these books and heard these interviews. I would love to add to this list and discover some new creativity-boosting material!

Leave a comment and I’ll add your ideas to this list too and we’ll turn it into a resource that anyone can refer to when they need a creative pick-me-up!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


5 responses to “More on Igniting Your Creativity!

  1. Documentary about Rory Gallagher!!!!!He’s the greatest. Saw a recent documentary about him on Sky Arts. It was made in 1974 and recently re-released. His integrity just shone like a beacon. He ignored all the obstacles and just pushed through, keeping his creative vision alive. I was really struck by how difficult being a touring musician was back in the days on no internet and no mobile phones. Watch if you get a chance, and I will try to search out a link.

  2. Hey Parisa.

    Since you went and re-printed my comment I felt I should make the effort to provide you with the full quote in question. It was part of the Bob Dylan interview featured in the book ‘Songwriters on Songwriting’ by Paul Zollo.

    Q: Any idea how you’ve been able to catch so many?
    BD: It’s probably the bait.
    Q: What kind do you use?
    BD: Bait. You’ve got to use some bait. Otherwise you sit around and expect songs to come to you. Forcing it is using bait.
    Q: Does that work for you?
    BD: Well, no. Throwing yourself into a situation that would demand a response is like using bait. People who write about stuff that hasn’t really happened to them are inclined to do that.

    Enjoy ;-)

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