My Most Procrastinated Task is…


Yup, you heard me! I’m meant to be asleep right now. I’m tired enough for it. I’ll drop off in a heartbeat but at night I come alive with ideas and notions and wee things that I just *have* to do before sleeping. I feel creative and inspired but honestly, for all the ‘doing’ in the wee hours, nothing gets done!

And then suddenly it’s 2am and you have to be up for that studio session you’re engineering in a few hours time!

No matter how excited I am about what I’ll be doing the next day (in fact, sometimes that makes it worse!), no matter how invested I am in treating myself well, no matter sincere the promises to myself during the day, the majority of the time I’ll stay up…like 4 nights out of 7.

I  love this quiet time when I can be alone and still without feeling judged or pressure that I should be doing something productive. I can read or write or watch a film and it’s fine. It’s my choice and I am free. But I do it to the detriment of my sleepy needs thus defeating the purpose I feel.

So since I’ve done it again tonight I just thought I would put that information out into the Universe and see what happens.

After writing ‘Working WITH Procrastination’ earlier this week I’ve become much more productive during daylight hours and honest about what is tasks I want to do. I hoping that a little honest acknowledgement of what is going on here and some loving light shone into the corners this habit, I can find where the kink is and help smooth it out.

~ Does anyone else out there have the same problem? Any tips or advice would be most welcome.

And I’m off to bed…right now…honestly!


5 responses to “My Most Procrastinated Task is…

  1. ‘I love this quiet time when I can be alone and still without feeling judged or pressure that I should be doing something productive. I can read or write or watch a film and it’s fine. It’s my choice and I am free’

    It’s always your choice and you are always free….hard to keep that in mind during daylight hours, I know. Just try to move the way you feel after midnight to the way you feel say, after breakfast for an hour or two before the demands of the day start to kick in. I am incommunicado between the hours of 8am (when others have left for school/work, and 10am, when housework, work etc starts to call me…..) During those two hours, I could be doing anything-watching a recorded ‘Brothers and Sisters’, doodling, reading, and so on. Fence off a part of your waking day, and make it your very own. Promise not to text you:)

  2. I love the way you shine a light into the corners of my own challenging little ways of being with being so honest about your own! You are a wise woman Sensei!
    For me, I often get a second wind around 10pm for things I’ve put off during the day, and often work away until around 2am, especially at the weekend – not so good when I have to get up at 7am for work though! So yes, I often procrastinate with going to bed… but lately I have been making a real effort to go up at 10pm and working from my bed… it’s a compromise!
    One thing I have implemented successfully though, is to spend the first hour or two of the day doing whatever is most important that day, whether it’s Morning Pages, a TEFL assignment or getting a set of Minutes written up. That way, I have achieved something before breakfast, and still have the rest of the day to devote to overachieving!!

  3. Yep can totally relate to everything you say. I’ve been doing it my whole life. Ideally I wish I could stick to an 11pm-7am sleep routine but it never happens!

  4. Dear Parisa,

    As you know I publicly tried to approach this very issue a few months ago, and frankly I failed. Please keep me posted–I know you can inspire me!



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