I live in Vancouver!

The DB (behind the camera) and I on Gramville Island eyeing up downtown Vancouver

Two weeks ago I culled my belongings, packed what was left, said goodbye to my family and left Ireland for Canada.

This is nothing new for me or the Irish. I’ve left home before, and so have the Irish, looking for bigger and better things. Many Iranians, including my Dad, left their home because they wanted to or because they had to not so long ago. I am always mindful of my heritage and always thankful that I live in a time when I know I will get to go back.

I had been to Canada a number of times before to see family that lives in Quebec, but this time I wasn’t going for a visit and I had never been to this part of the country before.  I was moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, and I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I read some guide books and trawled blogs and websites for information but I don’t think any of that can really prepare you for all-out life relocation.

So on the 13th of May 2010 the Darling Boyfriend and myself navigated Border Control, got our visas issued and our passports stamped and emerged from Vancouver Airport with our few bags ready to make this city home.

Over the last fortnight we have…

» Moved into a little flat that we love

» We’ve explored the city and got our bearings

» We’ve met other lovely Irish peeps who have moved here

» We’ve eaten out lots!

» I’ve practiced yoga nearly everyday

» We’ve hung out on the beach, which is 5 minutes from our flat, and watched the sun set over the city

I think it is safe to say that Vancouver is well on its way to being home and we can’t wait for this Summer of Fun to begin!

I’m still searching for work (please cross all your fingers and toes for me) and scoping out the local music scene. The DB has already started playing football in the city and has work lined up for the summer. We even went to see the Vancouver White Caps (the city’s MLS team) play the NY Red Bulls yesterday! What fun to scream for our ‘home’ team.

And that’s Vancouver so far. Still lots more to learn and see. Still lots of people to meet and opportunities to take. It’s hard to believe it’s only been two weeks though.

Our local beach in Kitsilano, with the city, mountains and ocean all on our doorstep! Not too shabby…


5 responses to “I live in Vancouver!

  1. Rosie Haghighi

    Let me know if you get to see the Northern Lights from there at some point; it’s on my to-go list just like Canada so I may have to come out for a visit ^^
    Glad to see you’re enjoying it!!

  2. Rosie!! You should definitely come out and stay with us :) We’d have so much fun together…Open invitation, OK?!

    I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for the Northern Lights too…have always wanted to see them. Missed them by just a few days when I went to Lapland. I was very sad-faced. But then the husky ride really cheered me up! xx

  3. Rosie Haghighi

    :D HOORAY! Excuse to go to America/Canada! ^^ How long do you think you’ll be out there? I’m not sure if you’d know yet :P

  4. Oops! Got a little behind there! Wow! You are now only 6 hours by car away from me! So i guess that means I have a much better chance of meeting you one day than I would have had while you were living in Ireland!

    I am so glad to hear the move is going well. I can’t imagine you won’t love the area and I hope the two of you will have lots of opportunities to venture out and explore. Be sure to get over to Vancouver Island soon and travel by car over to the Pacific rim national Park by way of Alberni.
    And make the trip into Washington State to visit the Olympic National Park – especially the Hoh Rain Forest.
    If you want or need any suggestions for what to see in WA, you be sure to ask!

    I wish you every happiness in your new home.

    • I sincerely hope that some day we get to have a coffee together, face to face, and chat!! That would be amazing! :)

      Thanks for the recommendations too. I’m so excited to explore this beautiful part of the world. We’ve settled in well, got jobs and a wee home and are looking forward to summer kicking in!

      Hope all is well with you…

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