The Right to Sleep

image by Stephen Brace, via Flickr Creative Commons

So this is the incredible paradox of Being Me (and I sincerely hope you too…go on, be a paradox with me so I don’t feel like a complete eejit!)…

I don’t sleep. I procrastinate going to bed. However I also need lots of sleep. Yup, you read that correctly.

I actively do not sleep but I also, actively sleep lots.

I’ve been thinking about this recently as I have been feeling tired. I blame the move. I did good at first. I packed. I said goodbye. I flew. I arrived. I shlepped stuff to places. I did lots of yoga and lots of exploring the new city. I went to bed early. I got up early.

Now I am freakin’ tired and sleeping for 12 hours, with some cat naps on the side, is not entirely out of the question. I have also been feeling super inspired and these lightning bolts of inspiration and energy hit me at bedtime. (Interesting Factoid – my maternal Grandfather was struck by lightning as a young man and survived!)

So what to do? This Paradox needs her rest! Her rest is key to creating high-quality creative stuff. The ‘early to bed & early to rise’ cycle helps get all the creativity juicy and rich, the ideas flowing. Now I want to actually create it and it wants to be created at 3 in the morning! And I’m a procrastinating SUCKER and will stay up and do it, even with obligations the next day.

I think that to dream is human but to Create, Divine. But I also think that to burn yourself out is all too human and to Sleep is Divine! I need both these things, obviously, in my life but I can’t seem to balance them for love nor money.

I think that is because I am letting the Creativity take priority. Creativity is an electric-blue high when it descends on you, what flying must feel like. It’s potent and addictive and somehow sacred, something you shouldn’t turn away.

“I don’t want to turn away that feeling from my life! What if it never comes back?!”, my Ego says.  Way to scare me out of bed and right to where you want me most. Tired, cranky, vunerable and striving hard.

So I’m here to Defend the Rights of Sleep…

(…cue national anthem of wherever you are and flag fluttering in the background, your eyes misting over slightly with pride…)

~ To be indulged at will

~ To be of sound quality and length

~ To be dream-full and content

~ To be protected from external forces that wish to side-line and marginalize it

I find these truths to be self-evident, and worthy of protection!

» Are you with me?!


9 responses to “The Right to Sleep

  1. I don’t know what to say, other than…………………GO TO BED!!! xxxxx

    • Er, I think you’re missing the point of this highly intelligent and articulate article Mummy…I don’t need put to bed…no, I won’t go! *stomps foot and sulks*


  2. Hi Parisa! Glad to see you blogging again! I think to create well, you need to sleep. When you get an idea…write it down! Then take the necessary steps to create it when the time is proper. Take charge of your creativity, don’t let it take charge of you. After all, you may need IT, but IT needs you more…otherwise it’s just a vaporous idea without a physical form! Does that make sense?!

    • Oooo I like that Erin, definitely! Nothing but ‘a vaporous idea’ with out me :) And I try to adher to that as much as possible. I sleep with a notebook by my bed but sometimes by the time I’ve written it all down it’s been half an hour, I’m wide away and my lovely snoozy, dreamy snuggle phase is past me and I think ‘what the hey! Might as well do it now while it’s fresh!’…

  3. I was thinking a lot about this article during my (very busy) day today. I, too, was a terrible night-owl in my youth. I think it runs in the Moriarty family (my family, that is…) so you, Parisa, seem to have inherited it, along with the rest of my kids:) Well, you’ve probably inherited the creative gene that requires more than 24 hours in a day, and a lot of ‘thinking’ time…….The only things that made me sleep early and wake early were (1) having a 9-5 job, and (2) having children. I’m not suggesting either of these as solutions for you, P, but I think Erin’s comment really sums it up….you have to bargain with these night-time creativity surges. Try to ‘shift’ your creative time bit by bit to daylight hours……think about being creative mid-morning, how good and positive you would feel, and think about midnight as ‘ideas’ time only. Visualise this! Make it happen! Going without sleep (or too little sleep ) for many years has affected my health, I’m sure. Look after yours by sleeping at night, when your body really wants to. I don’t listen to my body that much, though I know I should, so don’t be like me:)

  4. Sleep is very important to me! When I’m sleeping properly and waking up early I’m happier and healthier and I get more done. But lately, and especially when I’m unsettled, I find myself going to bed later and later and not getting enough sleep. I’ll be up chatting to friends, reading, doing assignments…

    This week I’ve been making an effort to not stay up late, but it’s not working because I’ve been sleeping in anyway! Getting 10hrs sleep a night, which doesn’t actually work too well for me. I’ve figured out that it’s because I’ve been shutting my curtains tightly to keep the warmth in. I have a very strong sunlight-centred body clock, if I can’t see sunlight I’ll think it’s 4am when I naturally wake up at 6 and go back to sleep for two hours. I guess I’ll just have to wear warmer pyjamas!

    • Too interesting Betsy! I agree, life runs waaaay more smoothly when I go to bed and get up at reasonable times. I’ve been finding though that I really need a dark room to sleep in though to get the good quality stuff :) My flat at the mo’ has no curtains (seems to be a Vanc thing, noone really has curtains, just blinds) and it starts getting light now at 4am…I find myself waking repeatedly from about 4.30am onwards. It’s frustrating. It is wonderful that your body clock is so healthy and intune with the sun, I would protect that wonderfulness at all costs :) Thanks for commenting love!!

  5. Dear Parisa,

    I recently bought a book called (I kid you not) Change Your Life! Take a Nap! It was actually a very well researched scholarly book that proved in boring detail what you relate here in much more quotable fashion.

    These truths ARE self-evident! I am WITH you! *pumps fist in air after typing.


    • Yeay! It’s like at the end of Breakfast Club…FIST PUMP! Yeah!

      I am holding these truths tightly and hoping to God I get somewhere with them one of these day. But at least I’ve recognised them, right?!

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