On this day, 26 years ago…

…I was born! :)

It’s my birthday and this (crazily accurate) Gemini had a lover-ly day. Lots of eating out, pottering around, a little browse in my local charity shop and even a nap in the afternoon. Chilled to the max!

Many thanks to my Mother for surviving my ‘horrific’ birth  and reminiscing about it every year with me…I’m not tramautised at all!

A shout-out to Daddy Roohipour also who, legend has it, used to peel grapes for me with his teeth so I could chow down on them with my lil’ gummy mouth…also not traumatising to know! ;)

And lastly, dear friends and blog readers, you make me feel like a SUPERSTAR with all your kind messages and texts and comments!

And to say thank you for all your support and love this year, for reading my posts when they were less-than-stellar and re-tweeting my tweets when I begged you, I’m having a little give-away just for you. I think that you all deserve presents in June too :)

Check back here on Monday for all the details and how to enter (promise it is super easy!) and see what goodies I have to spoil you with. (<– There’s a wee Sneak Peak of something I’ve been working on to include!)

‘Til then please send me protective mojo and prayers as the DB and I go white water rafting this weekend. I’m going to be honest, I am freakin’ scared and not entirely sure I want to do it but it is his birthday tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING BOYFRIEND!!) and this is what he wants to do…Cross everything you’ve got for me! Eck…


5 responses to “On this day, 26 years ago…

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Parisa! Enjoying your blog as always… white water rafting, gooooo for it! :) You’ll be graand, make sure you get the DB to take some pics! :) Have fun! x

  2. Thank you for the thanks, but no thanks are necessary for bringing you into the world-’tis a two-way street! As to me traumatising you over your ‘horrific birth’-that is SO not true! It had its hairy moments, true, but I was courageous,charming and witty throughout:) And besides, anything I may have said comes under the heading of ‘Private’, you know-that concept the internet has completely demolished! You make me sound like a crazy movie-mother. I object! You are hereby super-injuncted from mentioning me in your blog in any other but glowing terms (..and if you don’t know what that is, type ‘Ryan Giggs’ into Google). Best of luck with the giveaway-great idea:) xxxxx

  3. happy birthday you wee young one! i LOVE gemini folks…so full of positive energy. xxxxx

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  5. Dear Parisa,

    Thank the good freaking lord that you survived, not only 26 years of possible accidents, but this last weekend in particular. You ARE a superstar–thanks for sharing with us <3

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